The Institutes have today released their new video for the track titled ‘Inside Out’. Featuring Steven Cree (Outlander, Terminator: Dark Fate, Churchill, Maleficent), the video is a gritty and to-the-point journey, both visually and metaphorically, about life. Believe me, I’m there myself at the moment. But at least we take comfort in the fact that we are not alone. We have someone. Even if that someone is ourself.

Anthemic throughout and memorable at a guttural level, ‘Inside Out’ reminds me of why I am a musician and love music.

The Institutes are a band that you can say “I remember when I discovered them. They’ve been with me ever since”.

“[“Inside Out”] is an insight into the struggles of the modern-day adult – a search for the coping mechanisms of day-to-day commitments, that can feel empty and unrewarding, but inside the struggle there is hope, we just need to find it.

We’re all fans of the indie orchestral marriage of tunes such as Bittersweet Symphony, F.E.A.R, Whatever by Oasis but also the mood and journey Radiohead create with their arrangements… Myself and recent addition to the band, Alan Ferguson, wrote a string arrangement, working around the build of the song trying to achieve something more epic, without crossing the line and it sounding like a Disney score! The wonderful Julia Violinista kindly performed the arrangement, and we remixed the track with her added strings.”
– Hally

About the Institutes

Following the release of ‘COLOSSEUMS’, 2022 was a huge year for The Institutes. They kicked it off in style with an invitation from one of their heroes, Tim Burgess, to appear on his legendary Twitter Listening Party and chat about the story behind their debut album.

This led to a sold-out hometown show at The Kasbah in Coventry and was followed by their first USA tour, playing 20 shows in 2 weeks including packed out gigs at tastemaker festivals SXSW in Austin and New Colossus in New York, plus a SOLD OUT headlining show in Los Angeles. The band returned home and continued to tour across the UK, selling out Manchester and their hometown of Coventry and topped off the summer with festival appearances at Isle Of White, Camper Calling and Shiiine On Weekender festivals.

While the band’s musical output is too eclectic to pigeonhole, it wears its influences proudly on its sleeves, sitting somewhere between shoegaze and indie rock, with a nod in the direction of Crosby Stills, Nash and Neil Young harmonies, the psychedelic jangles and groove of The Stone Roses with layers of Verve-esque guitars.

Taking inspiration from their favorite decades the 60’s and the 90’s and mixing it up into a modern-day melting pot. At times raw, and at others refined, their sound is filled with candid and vulnerable, poetic lyrics on a bed of layered guitars, soaring howls and a solid grooving rhythm section, which has seen them gain plaudits for their album and their live shows worldwide. The Institutes can switch from chaotic but ecstatic melodic wonder to delicate brazen honesty in the blink of an eye.