The Magic Bus has today released their new video for the single titled ‘Γιαρέμ Γιαρέμ (Yarem Yarem)’. Having been a victim of the Midwest American Public School System, I am still having a hard time figuring out what ‘Yarem Yarem’ means, but I know a good song when I hear it. Part anthemic, part a party in the speakers, the sound is signature and the feeling is mutual. This is a band that went global a while ago while representing Greece. Future classic.

About The Magic Bus

The Magic Bus started its journey through Greek-speaking rock scene in 2017, based in the town of Livadia, but with members also in Katerini and Atalanti. Since then, it covered many miles and played live in many cities, sharing the stage with some of the domestic scene’s most prominent bands and artists, taking part in festivals and various music venues. In 2021 the Bus steered towards its first album recording, titled ‘Το Κάστρο’ (To Kastro / The Castle), full of rock essence, intriguing lyrics and dynamic compositions. The EP ‘Σε Άγνωστα Νερά’ (Se Agnosta Nera / Uncharted Territory) will be released soon, while in 2024 the recordings for the debut record’s successor will begin.

Riding on ‘The Magic Bus’: Valantis Dafkos (lead & backing vocals), Ermis Soultanopoulos (guitars & backing vocals), Dina Argiriou (bass) and Paris Gatsios (drums).

Featured image by Tasos Palamidas.