1. Red Rider The Margaret Hooligans 4:09

To start, Red Rider lets loose with a long wail of fuzz and syncopated drumming, before Meg starts in with the verse, “They…said you weren’t to be trusted…” what follows is a reinterpretation of the Red Riding Hood fairytale, but the lyrics reveal how it could also be an allegory for the last few years we’ve been living through. The drumming is repetitive but complicated, while the electric ukulele is sparse, ringing out while Meg retells the tale. The middle of the song is full of fantasia, with a swirl of ethereal arias, crashing symbols, clanging cowbells, pounding djembe, and electric ukulele noise.

Reinterpreting well known folklore to tell your version of the story is nothing new, but with Red Rider, Pennsylvania band The Margaret Hooligans illustrate that the practice is still relevant. Through the story they describe a situation in which she was warned, but took no heed, was trapped in the belly of the beast where the acids eat away at her spark, and how she was lost on a merry go ‘round. Seems like a pretty accurate description of the last few years if you ask me. And yet, there is hope, as the character is eventually delivered from her predicament as we all may hope to be.

Red Rider is the third single from their upcoming sophomore album, Turntable Tribulations, due out in October.

The band is planning to release a new single from the album every month from April through September, with the full album release in October. A limited release of CDs will also be available in October. “Red Rider” was recorded in the basement of Piety Street Publishing, mixed and mastered by Jon Huxtable of Smallfish Recordings, and was produced by Mr. Strontium.

SOURCE: Official Bio