Before his foray into the world of alternative electronic music, Voldo Blanka was your typical rock’n’roller, touring the world with bands and living the lifestyle at the same time. But now, after having a revelatory realisation that creating music on his own was a highly cathartic and magical process, Voldo Blanka is going it alone with the deep corners of his imagination fuelling his new style, which has led to his debut single, ‘Go Your Way’.

Not only this, but Voldo’s experience in composing music for screen has had a big influence on his new work, where he tries to capture those ‘movie moments’ within his music. As a result, there is a definite cinematic sound that oozes from ‘Go Your Way’.

Whilst recovering from a unique incident, Voldo shut himself away and began to compose prolifically, allowing complete synthesis between himself and the music. This search for perfection demonstrates Blanka’s gritty ethos as a musician and ultimately, an artist, seeing him write and produce the whole record himself, with just a little help from a few guest vocalists.

Blanka’s music has drawn comparison with the likes of Bjork, The Knife and the early work of Daft Punk, consequently displaying his experimental and boundary pushing nature as a musician. Along with his walls of guitars, synthesizers and various other instruments, Blanka has been known to experiment with scrap metal percussion, as well as natural noises such as breathing and rustling, which he puts through compressors and amplifiers until he finds something totally unique.