The New No have released their new video for the track titled ‘My Life in the Cartel’. That smooth beat under suave integrity harken back to the slick sounds of MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’ in a way that mash modern kitsch with nostalgic videography.

Take from that what you will, but you can’t not watch this and feel a sense of snark and endearment for music that was done with heart and is a rarity to behold.

About The New No

Coming out of Liverpool and Birmingham, England, The New No is Rodney Christopher Guy Prosser (vocals) and Benedict Simon Leach (Keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion, programming). Creating music together since 2013, The New No have a new single and video, “My Life in the Cartel”. Inspired by the music in London Underworld films, a world that Rodney and Ben saw up close by drinking in dangerous places.

Prosser says, “The story of “My Life in the Cartel” from The New No is about Kenny Dogleach, who doesn’t like being disrespected. The story that is told here is entirely based on the reality of people that Ben and myself have come into contact with or worked with. The lyrics are about a kind of gangster karma: if you make a mistake, you’ll soon fall. The story moves from a past life as a Queen’s Guard to working for an underworld boss and still having trouble at home with his wife. Needed a cake as a quiet reward for a busy day drowning three bad guys.”

The New No’s musical influences are uniquely based on the Michel Caine film Get Carter.

Prior to The New No’s existence, Ben (keyboardist of British band The Farm and later The Happy Mondays among many others) toured for a total of 30 years with numerous bands.

Rodney Prosser started a PIGMENT fanzine in 1983, and also printed two books of poetry, putting him in touch with many bands. He has hosted Punk Party Radio Show for two and a half years, the show is on the radio in France and USA.

The New No, “My LIfe in the Cartel” is coming out on Dark Spark Music.