, previously held by MMPage LLC, changes ownership. The purchase of the site was made via Flippa, the world’s largest website market. The buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “This site was previously one of the world’s largest music sites and fan-hubs, and still has over 20,000 pages of premium hand-written content. I plan to take it forward, and at this stage, steer away from monetization, and focus on bringing back the value the site used to offer”.

Matt’s Music Page is one of the most aged and reliable sites in the realm of music. It started off as a small fan-page in 1997, but grew significantly in the years 2003-2010, reaching over half a million visitors each month. Sites such as the BBC & Wikipedia repeatedly linked to it, being the authoritative voice of music tabs, fan information and photographs.The demographics of the traffic at this time period is available on the website.