In it’s first week of release, The Royce Twins Debut EP Charts on the 100% Independent singles chart published by the Australian Independent Record Labels Association. The Royce Twins Debut EP is a fully independent release and was funded through crowd funding where pledgers could secure an autographed copy of the CD.

The Royce Twins Debut EP features 5 songs, 4 of them originials written by The Twins themselves.

Track list:
1. I won’t give up
2. Heartstrings
3. Brave
4. Fly
5. Suzie Royce

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Michael and Gabriel Saalfield are The Royce Twins. The Royce Twins have been singing for as long as they can remember and it’s the one thing that has kept them strong. The pair lost their mother when they were aged 8, and tragically their father at age 11.

“When our mother died we had to move around a lot and be in foster care,” Gabriel said. “We continued living with foster parents until we were 18. Music was one of the only things that kept our family together and we are all super close because of it.”

While it was heart breaking for them and their supporters to hear they did not progress to the final rounds of the X Factor, this twist of fate is likely to help them become the unofficial winners.

Since appearing on television, The Royce Twins have returned to doing what they’ve always done best – backing each other to follow their musical dreams.

“We have been playing, writing and we are looking forward to showcasing our music in time,” Michael said. “That’s going to be exciting. We’re looking forward to connecting with our fans and taking them on the journey with us.”

“We perform a mixture of popular and contemporary songs within an acoustic setting, including from time to time showcasing our own works, when we play live venues.” said Gabriel.

The Royce Twins have just released their Debut EP on iTunes. The CD is distributed by Waterfront Records, a subsidiary of MGM.