The Sleeping Sons have today released their new video for the track titled ‘Scared of Living’, from their latest album ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’.

Feeling that this is a perfect song as an introduction to The Sleeping Souls, the visuals in the video set the bar with stylistic animation that chugs along with the hook. The audio is married to the visuals, or vice versa, in that sweet feeling of adolescent anarchy.

You may find something familiar with the audio. Those bands you loved when alternative was still the alternative, with just enough mainstream to let those idiots you knew in school that were last to the party but first on the bandwagon. This one is yours, though. I promise.

About The Sleeping Souls

The Sleeping Souls have toured alongside Frank Turner for over a decade, having previously recorded six studio albums with the punk icon, including 2022 #1 ‘FTHC’. They’ve headlined Wembley Arena, performed at the 2012 London Olympics and played across the world many times over.

The Sleeping Souls comprise Tarrant Anderson (bass), Matt Nasir (piano), Callum Green (drums), Ben Lloyd (guitar). They are joined by fellow road warrior Cahir O’Doherty (Fighting With Wire, Jetplane Landing and currently New Pagans) who has filled in previously for Frank on guitar, as well as Tarrant and Ben at different times. The band decided now was time to branch out with their own independent project, and debut album ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’ is out now.

A punk-rock firecracker, “Scared Of Living” sits alongside totemic previous singles including “Liar/Lover”, the highly charged polito-punk follow-up “Caught Up In The Scrape”, the explosively antagonistic “Rivals”, and the brooding “Weathering The Storm”; all of which can be found on ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’.

Streaming everywhere now (via Xtra Mile Recordings), ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’ was recorded over the last 3 years between Frank Turner’s rehearsal space in Oxford and Badlands studios in Ireland. Its 12 varied tracks take their cues from a wild array of influences, from the explorative post/rock sounds of Radiohead or Death Cab For Cutie, to the tempestuous punk thrashings of Plosivs and Hot Snakes, to the introspective alt/folk of the Elliot Smith and Ryan Adams canons.