1. Living for the Show (Do It All Over Again) The Spring Verdict 4:04

“Is the dream behind, or is it just ahead?” Serving up “catchy dream pop straight from the source” (Phoenix Records), The Spring Verdict seeks to prove that the best is yet to come. Writes the Recording Artists Guild, “The Spring Verdict is one to keep an eye on.”

With the release of the project’s debut album, Echolocation, The Spring Verdict takes some of the best parts of several genres and builds a sound all of its own: entirely unique, yet intimately familiar. Lush with addictive melodies, an array of instrumentation, and a crisp indie pop sound, the record boasts all of the catchy aesthetic and cinematic shimmer of unforgettable alt-pop anthems.

Writes music blog Buzzslayers, “The Spring Verdict has released an album that flows smoothly through a [gamut] of pop undertones genres from singer songwriter to indie-pop and more in between.” Music blog The Sounds Won’t Stop says, “really excellent songwriting and people that have a true love for indie or dream pop should love The Spring Verdict.”

Hailing from Los Angeles, and based in Sacramento, California, classically-trained pianist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Geoff Trautman began producing his own music in April of 2020, following nearly three decades of involvement in bands and various music projects.

Overflowing with a sense of boundless creativity, filled with thoughts about life’s deeper questions, and motivated to use the free time created by the pandemic lockdown, it wasn’t quite summer before Trautman made a decision to lean into a rapidly growing passion for music production. As a result, The Spring Verdict was born. “I realized that I had this opportunity to step back from the hectic life I had been living and taking for granted, look inward, and evaluate, and writing and producing ended up being the perfect vehicle and outlet for doing that,” says Trautman.

While the dream of The Spring Verdict is undoubtedly here, much more of that dream lies ahead, as Trautman continues to produce another album and looks to perform live in the near future. “I’m working on a second album right now that should be even more polished and more of what makes The Spring Verdict what it is, with more experimental angles at play,” says Trautman.