The Sweet Serenades have today released their new video for the track titled ‘Akhilia’ from the upcoming album ‘Everything Dies’.

Filling in the voids of the minds of those willing to listen, ‘Akhilia’ builds on world building and dreamscapes with rhythmic persistence and guttural emotion. That personal moment we all have fear and hopefulness within. A deeply emotional and possibly traumatizing time for all of us. Realizing it is how we compose ourselves in the face of the abyss is what makes us who we are. That is what this song is.

Take from this audio and visual what you will, but you can’t deny the fact that this song takes an abstract and makes it something we can all relate to, and repeatedly listen to.

About The Sweet Serenades

It’s been three years since Swedish one man-band The Sweet Serenades’ last album release, City Lights. An album filled with dark synths and programmed beats – now the band is back with a more playful sound. Previous songs from the band have traveled around the world thanks to touring, dedicated fans and features in TV-shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters and Teen Wolf.

“Akhilia” is the second single from the band’s fifth and forthcoming album Everything Dies. The second collaboration with award winning producer Johannes Berglund (Fever Ray, Shout Out Louds).

“While writing and recording the new album I lost my father in a heart attack, I also became a father myself for the first time. The contrast between loss and happiness can be heard in the songs – in the end it’s a hopeful album filled with energy – life is a cool thing.”