The Talking Kind has released his new video for the track titled ‘Trouble’, featuring Radiator Hospital and The Goodbye Party from his upcoming album ‘It Did Bring Me Down’ dropping September 8th via Lauren Records.

Almost a lo-fi styled future classic; and I say almost because it really crosses that genre line ever slow slightly with hints of pop and subtle acoustic rock, I feel a sense of self while listening and a slight snark with the way the song delivers itself with little to no effort.

In a way, this is a sleeper hit. I say that because the song seems both unassuming and grandiose simultaneously with that feeling of home recording from artists about to make it big. This is a time stamp to remember.

About The Talking Kind & ‘Trouble’

Backed by a self-deprecating sense of humor that his therapist calls “worrisome,” TALKING KIND presents Pat Graham with an opportunity to explore being totally honest with himself. With It Did Bring Me Down, the seasoned DIY songwriter is able to marry his stripped down, pop-driven songwriting to an attitude of being so “over it” that life is a breeze.

“For years, I was writing songs for the listener,” says Graham, “this is the first time I sat down and wrote songs for myself. I didn’t delete the weird guitar tones, I kept the “do it again” takes, and I tried to make myself laugh with the lyrics. It has been a freeing and completely terrifying experience.” The result is an intimate, blown out vibe reminiscent of The Microphones, Mirah, or Lemonheads coupled with song structures akin to more contemporary acts like Hovvdy, Trace Mountains, and Jay Som.