1. Seasons Ending COPE 0:30
  2. Voyage COPE 0:30
  3. Here's Hoping COPE 0:30
  4. Crooks & Thieves COPE 0:30
  5. Now or Never COPE 0:30

Thrash is renewed with the upcoming release of COPE’s new EP “Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality”. The songs are solid and the tempo never lets up, which are the two best ingredients for any album that can and should be labeled as hardcore. But what sticks out to me as much as the songwriting and musicianship is the mixing. A lot of metal albums just aren’t mixed and engineered to their full potential, but in the case of “Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality”, that makes the music really shine, in my opinion, and never let up. Bravo!

“Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality” comes out on November 11th , 2016.


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Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality
Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality

About COPE
Introducing London based punk quintet COPE, who are set to release their debut EP on November 11th. Earlier this year the band released their debut single ‘Now or Never’, which saw them launched into the public eye. They played their first show at London’s prestigious Camden Barfly before its unfortunate closure, as well as playing at Camden Rocks Festival 2016. An impressive feat considering they haven’t even been a band for twelve months.

The name COPE has two meanings, first and foremost the obvious; how do you cope? The second stands for ‘Challenge Oppression Pursue Equality’, the title of the band’s forthcoming EP release. “THAT is the message we want people to take away!” explains guitarist and backing vocalist Josh Bowles, when talking about their forthcoming debut. “If you like punk and you’re pissed off with the way the world is and want to vent some energy, whilst singing along to a catchy tune, then listen to us. We’re the voice of this generation and we’ve been quiet for way too long!”

The band takes influence from a vast array of music and, like most musicians, COPE don’t like to indulge in just one niche genre, they’re open-minded and when writing this release they actively sought a variety of different aspects. You can expect riffage galore, with a load of catchy hooks and thought-provoking lyrics thrown in to give them their fresh and exciting edge. For fans of Every Time I Die and Feed The Rhino, COPE are hungry to be heard and the revolution starts this November.

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