1. Time Is Up The Crosiers 1:00
  2. Low The Crosiers 1:00
  3. Best Daughter Of Truth The Crosiers 1:00
  4. The King The Crosiers 1:00
  5. February Hymn The Crosiers 1:00
  6. Benediction The Crosiers 1:00
  7. Fallen, Fallen The Crosiers 1:00
  8. Do You Remember The Crosiers 1:00
  9. Hush The Crosiers 1:00
  10. After All The Crosiers 1:00

The Crosiers – Wheat to WireBirmingham, Alabama-based band The Crosiers are Ben McClellan on vocals, his brother Frank McClellan on vocals, guitars and keys, and Shane Jewell on guitars, keys, bass, and drum programming. Frank and Ben have been making music together for years. The brothers met Shane when he and Frank played together in a Birmingham based band in the early 2000s, reuniting with him in 2014 to form The Crosiers.

The trio’s musical influences range from Queen and Bruce Springsteen to Elliott Smith, Prayer Chain and U2 to create textured, introspective and insightful Alt-Rock. Dense, shimmering guitars underpin visionary lyrics delivered in layers of harmony. The band describe their debut album ‘Wheat to Wire’ as “the diary of a waking dream, old ghosts calling against a darkening wind.” Brothers Frank and Ben sing taut, earnest vocals over Shane Jewell’s scintillating melody lines to create music that is sometimes menacing and brooding and at other times utterly beautiful.

“Wheat To Wire by The Crosiers is an interesting album blending decades worth of influences into their sonic stew. From the ‘60s British Invasion guitar tone of ‘Time Is Up’ to the burpling synths of ‘The King’, there are lots of ideas that are seamlessly sewn together and presented.”
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