From California, by way of the Lone Star State, enters stage left: Amanda and Gabrielle Wichert, whom make up the super duo “White Chix”. It’s only human to instantly draw comparisons to the comedy; however, White Chix is No made for TV Parody, Nor, are the sisters another make believe pop divas inserted to fill a void of complacency. What we do have here is a real and translucent situation! “White Chix” in every sense of the word – from their California swag, to their sandy blonde hair, to their over trendy fashion sense, it’s safe to say; THE girls have arrived.

And without further ado, the lights will flicker, paparazzi will position, just to catch an ever so presence of White Chix in 2016 as they score big with their debut single “Gotta Be Me”. Gotta be me – is a journey to abandoning fears, to finding the strength within oneself.” Not just your typical Boy meets Girl tune; Gotta Be Me is everything that defines the itch of finding one’s own path in life.

When asked the inspiration behind the song, Amanda stated “After relocating to California to pursue our dreams, we’ve found an expression of artistry that is often bottled into someone’s’ projected vision; we just want to live free and make a positive impression on our fans.”

There is no doubt that The White Chix are making their presence felt by the ridiculous views of the trailer for Gotta Be Me: nearly 40,000 in the first week! Let’s just say they grew up like this, Amanda and Gabrielle have been groomed for this very moment. From beauty pageants, celebrity casting calls, to lining the red carpets, The White Chix have quickly become a permanent staple in the West Hollywood scene. But make no mistake about it, nothing was given. Blood, Sweat, and tears can summarize the struggles and triumphs endured, as reflected in the lyrics of their hit single “Gotta Be Me”.

“ Gotta Be Me” is produced by 2012 Billboard Awards Winning producer Andrew Lane, known for his work on the platinum-accredited records High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and Disneymania 4. If that don’t jog your memory, Mr. Lane was instrumental to the success of the Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara, to name a few!

Add a hit video directed by the Dream Team Directors, and you got an instant mound of visual gratification. The timing couldn’t be more perfect! The “Gotta be me” Official video is a tribute to the record-breaking sequel -Star Wars trilogy The Force Awakens, which only enhances and solidifies the creativeness and intuitive nature the White Chix possess. A catchy timeshare of emotions spilled over well-orchestrated riffs makes the track inviting and a definite crowd pleaser.

The fate of the Galactic Empire lies in the balance; awaiting a hero! In steps White Chix to the Rescue! As the force would have it, Amanda Wichert (one-half of the sister duo) experiences a near death encounter, with the arch-nemesis Darth Vader just hands length from sucking her life force! And then, just in time, she is awakend to learn that it was all just a horrible dream. Amanda is safe on the tour bus, so she thinks……. (saga cont’d)! From the mind of writers and directors Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett, is a storyboard that pays homage to the box office Star Wars ` The Force Awakens, and might I add, doesn’t disappoint. The video coincides with the hit song “Gotta Be Me” in the light that in life, “what works for you ` doesn’t work for me analogy” that only perhaps, R2D2 would understand. From the near encounter on the tour bus, the video builds with Darth Vaders evil empire trying to derail the White Chix from saving the Universe. Right on queue, the climax escalates with an encounter which places the girls with Darth Vader in a win or die showdown!

I would love to tell you how this one ends, however, hint*** if the White Chix met their demise, I wouldn’t be writing this press release, lol

Showing no signs of slowing up, The White Chix are on a relentless schedule of choreography, promos, and countless session in the studio working on the debut album, which to this date has no name; however, is scheduled to drop in the fall of 2016, In addition to a Nationwide tour that is in the works. Success is only a step away.