The Woolverstones have released their new video for the track titled ‘Emerald Train’ from their latest release ‘Grey Eyed Dandy’.

Dark harmony and lucid ambience within the somber and subtle melody, The Woolverstones have created an almost hallowed style within the notes and sense of liberation in the soul by shuttering the surroundings and giving in to what we remember we have.

‘Emerald Train’ is a musical stance that happiness comes from within and that which is inside us needs to come out. Beautiful music is the release.

About The Woolverstones & ‘Emerald Train’

Contemporary folk duo The Woolverstones have returned following the epic success of their debut single “A Song for Harlequins”, with a visual “Emerald Train”.

The track is marked as a slight anomaly, being that it’s the only track from their new studio album (Grey Eyed Dandy) that is geographically set abroad.

The song was first conceived whilst waiting for a train in southern France in the blistering heat. Band members Chris and Lou’s shoes were broken, they were thirsty, hungry and not sure when the next train was coming as nobody was around to help.

As they waited pensively for the next train to escape this lonesome place, they were suddenly overcome by a sense of freedom…the oppressive heat and lack of footwear seemed almost liberating. There was something glorious about basking in the knowledge that things surely had to improve and that this minor hardship had led to the beginning of a song. They reflected on two favourite actors Charles Hawtrey (Carry On fame), and Peter Sellers. How much laughter they provided people despite their own turbulent lives.

Pain offers some rewards it seems.

Once they’d penned the lyrics, Chris started noodling and found a chord progression which struck him as having a slight Nirvana unplugged feel…happy to be on that path he chased this song down many more paths until he felt The Woolverstones’ sound come through. Owing to the embryonic nature of the song, they sensed the chorus required an almost anticlimactic quality, they cracked it, and Emerald Train left the station.

About ‘Grey Eyed Dandy’

In January 2022, The Woolverstones recorded their debut album “Grey Eyed Dandy”.

The sessions took place at Slate Room Studio, located in the quiet village of Pencaitland, Scotland.

The record was produced by John Wood who produced classic albums such as Pink Moon (Nick Drake), I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (Richard and Linda Thompson), Cool for Cats (Squeeze) and Solid Air (John Martyn).

The album features fantastic musicians such as Tali Trow, Davide Rinaldi, and one of Scotland’s most sought-after Jazz pianists Dave Milligan. Grey Eyed Dandy was mastered by Simon Heyworth whose client history includes the likes of George Harrison, Pixies, Brian Eno, King Crimson and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to name but a few.

It’s an unashamedly eclectic record. A journey through England’s crooked, magnificent, enigmatic, troubling and beautiful streets, roads, country lanes and pastoral mysteries.

As with all journeys, inspiration, textures and sounds strike from multible directions. It is their hope that the album is a guide through their own imagination, emotions and experiences, plus a companion through their listeners imagination.

On the way one will stumble upon Psychedelic Grunge, Jazz trio trips, Gothic Blues and stripped down Folk with hints of Baroque…

Moreover, the album seeks to confess deeply held ruminations, emotional honesty and obsessions of which music can provide a much required catharsis and dialectic.

Their utmost drive on this record was to create music that tells a story, and that the listener is privy to the space in which that story is being told in a visceral way. They have attempted to be as honest as possible, and strip away as much artifice as possible, whilst peppering in tongue in cheek moments.

The Woolverstones and the album are rife with self-deprecation and self-reflection.