Timothy Eerie has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Toad Venom’ from his album ‘Work Free Drug Place’, also releasing today. Frenetic yet accessible like a glorious mess, ‘Toad Venom’ delves into the psyche with layers upon layers of warring factions of instrumentation that comes out like pristine dirt with a monster hook and focused feeling.

Pent up emotions cascade into each and every note like a bird who just realized the cage door is open. This is what the heart of indie is meant to be. Experimental.

About Timothy Eerie

It’s no accident that the name Timothy Eerie is so close to Timothy Leary, this is the aural equivalent of two tabs and a trip down the rabbit hole. Where the ethereal meets the visceral is where you will find Timothy Eerie, with dreamy, hazy melodies accompanied by thick tones and rock’n’roll noise this band is the epitome of multi-faceted sound. Like many of the bands stemming from the psychedelic genre, there has been a revolving door of players and artists contributing to the project which only lends to their mystique.

Their frenzied offering, “Toad Venom,” mixed by Wand frontman Cory Hanson, oscillates and throbs its way through a sonic labyrinth of jousting guitars, rampant percussions, and ethereal vocal echoes. It drags us by the ears into the wild expanses of our imagination, a whimsical world that’s as untamed as unexpected. “The title of the song is based on the venom of the Sonoran desert toad which contains 5meo-dmt- the strongest psychedelic known to man.

“The lyrics are about having to deal with uncomfortable experiences,” says Eerie, “but I never think about what a song will be about before I start writing it. It’s more of a stream of consciousness approach.” This new single is the perfect antidote to hearing one too many pandemic-inspired bedroom projects: a full-blown, full-band jam landing at the intersection of Thee Oh Sees at their most animated, vintage ’70s prog with its organs still intact, and at least one iteration of King Gizzard that reaches the apex of that band’s pummeling density.

From mood-altering spacey psychedelic immersions to more aggressive moments that tap into Eerie’s garage rock side, you never know what you’re going to get. “I’m always trying to improve and evolve and my taste in music is always changing,” says Eerie. “I never wanna play the same set twice and, even if we do, it never sounds the same.”

Backed by Hypnotic Bridge & Green Witch Records they’ve shared the stage with such greats as Starcrawler, Of Montreal, La Luz, Dead Meadow, Surfer Blood, Kikagaku Moyo, & L.A. Witch.