Tobiahs has today premiered his new song and video titled ‘Hurt This Bad’ featuring vocalist Georgia Hoareau. Seamless soulful integration that slowly builds to a beautiful crescendo amid a steady backbeat fit enough to grind to, ‘Hurt This Bad’ repeats with an almost tribal fervor and never ceases to amaze those that wish to expand their songwriting.

About ‘Hurt This Bad’

A Tobiahs track is hallmarked by flawless attention to detail and to this, new single ‘Hurt This Bad’ released through Mushroom Group, is no exception. Pretty inflections pepper an addictively driving beat, while the haunting top-line delivered courtesy of a masterful sample of vocalist Georgia Hoareau. The repetitive vocal phrase dances in and out, bouncing against the track’s rhythmic spine. The key lyrics and hook ‘Never Without You’ don’t wane, but cycle in welcome perpetuity, an addictive solicitation. It’s an irresistibly moody, bright, and enchanting offering from the rising Melbourne based producer.

Of the track Tobiahs says: “I’m always digging for undiscovered and under-appreciated music, and when I found Georgia’s original vocal, I couldn’t believe how such a good song had flown under the radar – I knew right away I had to sample it. I’ve always tried to explore new ground within dance music while maturing as a person, and I hope Hurt This Bad is a reflection of that growth musically and personally”

“‘In The End’ is a personal track written after my first breakup. Each line expresses the struggles of a heartbroken girl having to say goodbye to her first love. The ultimate compliment for any artists is to have your song covered or sampled by another artist and I’m genuinely honored that Tobiahs discovered my song and found something inspiring in my music to create ‘Hurt This Bad’”
Georgia Hoareau

Tobiahs’ ability to cross-pollenate dance and pop genres sits him in a sought-after space, perfectly balancing forward thinking tastemaker production with accessibility and easy listening of modern popular music. With over 30 million streams to his name (and counting), Tobiahs is currently one of the country’s most exciting and in-demand young producers.

Tobiahs’ 2019 single ‘Late Night’ served as a real turning point for the producer, leading the way for his success. The track has seen consistent growth, steadily amassing over 7 million streams on Spotify alone, recently achieving ARIA Gold status. Tobiahs built on this foundation with more recent tracks ‘Don’t Fret’ and ‘Now & Again’ . He continues to draw influence from an eclectic pool of genres spanning house, garage, pop, tech-house and R&B melodies.

This new era saw Tobiahs featured on Apple Music’s ‘Best New Songs’ homepage for ‘Why Am I In Love (feat. TIKE)’, with support from Spotify’s Come Thru and Indie Arrivals, plus Apple’s Future Dance Hits, Electronic Pop and New In Dance out of the US. Tobiahs is a true visionary and artist, painstaking in his approach. His output has been considered and plotted out, to allow space for his artistry to flourish. With each new step, he reminds us of what a truly dynamic producer sounds like.

Featured image by Max Iannantuono.