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Counter-culture Garage-Rock band Ugly Mothers announce the release of the debut five-track EP The Garden of Eden VOL. IV. The record is packed with Ugly Mother’s signature sounds; thunderous rhythm sections, spaghetti-western style guitars, haunting backing vocals, cynical snarls and hard-hitting lyrics.

Their unconventional songs take inspiration from a wide range of fictitious narratives, hard hitting and controversial topics including terrorism, the sex-tourism industry, WWII, single parents struggling with alcoholism and PTSD.

Marking the fourth release from the faux-Burberry scarf, trench coat enthusiasts, The Garden of Eden VOL. IV. EP follows on from the explosive title track ‘Garden of Eden’ and the historically inspired ‘Armistice’.

Since garnering a cult following due to a spout of riotous gigs across the country featuring fistfights, This Feeling and a support slot for Carl Barat, they’ve also racked up plenty of Radio play. Ugly Mothers return to the scene swinging and pulling no punches.

Stumbling straight out of sticky pubs, fueled by battered sausages from greasy chip-shops, Ugly Mothers juggle bar-work, superiority complexes, alcoholism and casual drug abuse, while using their dirty guitar music as an escape from an otherwise boring, humdrum and unsuccessful life, riddled with financial insecurity, limited career opportunities and disappointing romantic relationships.

Ugly Mothers

Taking inspiration from Spaghetti Western film-soundtracks such as Ennio Morricone, Quentin Tarantino and James Bond themes, Ugly Mothers inject blockbuster Hollywood guitar riffs with a gritty snarl and lethargy.

The infamous Ugly Mothers performances are known far and wide across the country garnering a cult-like following. Featuring pyrotechnics, fistfights, and broken guitars, the tumultuous tribe have begun to make a name for themselves on the Garage rock underground scene.

The spout of gigs in Liverpool, London and Brighton, promoting debut singles ‘Gringo’ ‘Garden of Eden’ and ‘Armistice’ have been well-received by local critics Get Into This and Purple Melon.‘Gringo’ was also added to several streaming playlists including rebelrebel, Whatsnewindie and Top 20 Independent Tracks 2019. The single also featured on several national and international radio stations, the furthest as far as Australia.

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