At just 17 years old, the petite and elegant frame of Taet stands with confidence against the mic stand. Delivering powerful lyrics in her intoxicating tone, you would be forgiven for questioning how such a young woman commands such experience and maturity in her music.

Having walked the halls of the Sylvia Young Theatre School and earning a coveted full time placement over 2500 other applicants, Taet has nurtured her talents and immersed herself in the mechanics of music since the age of 9. Turning down her first record deal at just 12 years old, as she didn’t feel ‘ready’, Taet has focused on enjoying and learning the craft of songwriting and releasing her emotions on to the page.

Releasing a string of acoustic sets online, including a medley of Jhene Aiko and Drake tracks, plus her self-penned ‘Promise not To Promise’, the world slowly awakes to the fascinating songstress, Taet.