Unique Creation has released his new video for the track titled ‘Thorns (Intro)’. An affirmation as much as it is a track, Unique Creation offers a unique take on conversing with the self and self actualizations with a clear head and a powerful voice.

And what better way to do just that than with this genre of music. Poetry set to a suave soundtrack.

About ‘Thorns (Intro)’

Unique Creation recently released the visual to his latest single, titled “Thorns (Intro)”. From the initial moments of “Thorns (Intro),” the emotion infused into the song is vividly apparent. The visuals mirror the song’s structure, guiding viewers into a scene where Unique Creation engages in a conversation with an unseen individual.

The moment the verse begins, accompanied by the striking kick, it becomes evident that Unique Creation is conversing with himself, simultaneously taking on the roles of both the sound engineer and the vocalist in the booth. Different scenes within the video helps portray different facets of the mood in the song.

From the encouraging self-talk to seeing different versions of the artist in one scene, the video provides a detailed visual of how the artist envisioned the song. The video was filmed in the same studio where the song was penned, immersing viewers in the very ambiance that inspired its creation. The entire song is noticeably conversational and the video displays that quite well.

Lyrically, “Thorns (Intro)” is a raw tapestry of emotions and experiences. The visuals help further project the feelings felt in the song. The song’s emotive landscape spans a vast spectrum – from moments of palpable frustration and sadness to introspective breakdowns and personal reflections.

There are scenes where Unique uses candles and matches to illuminate the darkness. This serves as a visual metaphor for how the Word of God can radiate light in even the most shadowed circumstances. This song is a testament to the shared human experience reminding us that while life’s trials are inevitable, there is a light we can hold unto during the dark times. Challenges, anxieties, and worries are universal human experiences and everyone, at some point, grapples with them.

The video offers glimpses of Unique Creation’s previous full project, suggesting that this visual might be a continuation of his story. For those tracking his journey, it’s notable that for several years Unique released only a handful of singles without a new full-scale project. His new project which carries the same name as this introductory single, is due to be release early next year (2024).

About Unique Creation

Unique Creation is an experienced musician who has performed all over the UK and Europe in places such as London, Leicester, Bedford, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Pitsea, Basildon, and Germany to name a few.
Apart from being a lyricist, producer, and guitarist, Unique is also the founder of the creative initiative called Black Fingerprint Association (B.F.A). The main purpose of B.F.A is to support nurture and build the creative mind regardless of age or background. Unique Creation only writes about true life stories of people he knows and his personal life experiences.

He draws his inspiration from true stories about his life, mind state, sources and the people around him.

Musicality & Battle Rap

Unique was exposed to a newly emerging sound called Garage in the early years which became the genre we now call Grime. This opened up his passion to start writing his own lyrics and finding a group of like minded friends to which started their own crew. In this crew Unique had the opportunity to showcase his lyrics in public and as a part of a large group of MC’s called “Dark Age Crew”. Unique battled all over East London against other crews. This was short-lived and the group finally disbanded after one year.

Unique later started producing his own songs. After a long stint of producing and recording mixtapes and albums that were never released, Unique came back to London where he started investing in his own equipment. Unique merged with a fellow MC from the larger disbanded group and re-emerged as a 2 man rap group called D.A.R (Divine Age Revolution).

D.A.R eventually brought out their first official mixtape titled ‘Relesis’; a combination of the two words Genesis and Release. D.A.R brought out two music videos to the two singles ‘Monstar’ and ‘Too Much’ to accompany the mixtape. In 2012, D.A.R entered one of the biggest talent competitions called Open Mic UK and made it to the semi-finals. Since then, they have continued to perform at various venues.

Unique contributed to an outreach E.P called ‘The Response’ alongside other artists including Monkstar, InderPaul Sandhu, R.U.T.S and Marjorie Diamond (2013). This E.P was actually in response to a shocking tragedy viewed on the news involving four of Unique Creation’s classmates from school. They had been involved in a gang-rape of a fourteen year old girl. The reality was overwhelming. Hence, they reached out to other artists and producers concerning this terrible story; to address the issues that the young generation face on a daily basis. D.A.R later came out with another music video for their track ‘A.I (Artificial Intelligence)’.

Unique Creation eventually branched out to release his solo project called “Problem Solution”, and had his first independent concert at the well known venue “The Islington” in 2015. This album also consists of his first solo music video Space Rocket. This was followed by his EP ‘Dark Seasons’, which is available in all digital outlets.

History : Exile

Born in West Africa Nigeria into a musical home, Unique was exposed to a wide variety of music from a tender age. His father is Tunji Oyelana an established musician in west Africa. Unique came to the United Kingdom at the age of 9 years old and could not return to Nigeria with his family because his father had been exiled by the president at the time for speaking against the government and had to go into hiding. The United Kingdom opened up an even wider variety of music to Unique’s ears as his family settled in Docklands, East London.