Melodic explorer, Postcards From Jeff releases Veronica. The eponymous Femme Fatale first emerged from a writing session in the multi-instrumentalist and producer’s studio, located in the bleak moors between Leeds and Manchester. Personifying a hyperreal yet impossible idea of femininity, of the kind portrayed by directors such as David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock, Veronica is an exploration of the archetype rather than a condemnation or affirmation.

Musically, Postcards From Jeff seamlessly blends together far flung folk, electronica, country, krautrock and pop through a sonically curious adventure owing as much of a debt to Weilheim band The Notwist as to Ohio’s The National or even as far as Canada by taking inspiration from Neil Young. With praise and plays from the likes of John Peel and Steve Lamacq behind him, Postcards From Jeff’s musically inquisitive mind comes with a newfound confidence, as he looks forward to releasing his debut album in spring 2015.

‘Veronica’, the free to download single, gives us an indication of the themes explored in this highly anticipated debut.

“The idea of projection is running through the album.” Postcards From Jeff explains. “We’re influenced by the bombardment of aspirational images that come at us from all angles, giving us distorted perceptions of other peoples lives via film, television and social media. Ideas form; we see what we supposedly need to do to get ahead. I guess we can all be guilty of presenting heightened versions of ourselves to some extent and why wouldn’t we? Especially when that’s beneficial to our lives, but obviously there are some people who take that to very scary places/ I guess I’m always fascinated by people like that. I never really like to condemn anyone, I just like to ponder where they’re coming from…”

Veronica is available as a free download here:

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What People are saying:

“Somewhere poetry meets pop, electronica and folk dosado, film and reality collide and Postcards From Jeff takes all these inspirations and weaves them into new stories, new songs, new roads.”
Strawberry Tongue Radio, America

“Postcards from Jeff’s self-titled debut EP is a thing of beauty, underpinned by cinematic pop soundscapes and the wonderful voice of singer Joss Worthington, whose voice seems strangely familiar yet entirely unique at the same time. Skilfully put together and masterfully executed, it is symbolic of this release as a whole.”
One Album A Week

“Taking vast almost cinematic synth beds and layering them with indie melodies and a gentle and somewhat understated vocal, this is dreampop with expansiveness.”
I Love Pie

“A dreamy ride that gets inside of you in a good way. This is a new type of dreampop, folks. Get on board, take a journey.”
In Your Speakers

“Postcards From Jeff is the most complete, fully-formed new band I’ve heard for a long time. Joss Worthington and his band hold forth with the poise, skill and confidence of a band selling out stadiums. Musically, they’re somewhere between the dreaminess of Mercury Rev and the vastness of some of Sigur Ros’ poppier stuff. If this is Postcards from Jeff’s base level, they will have us in the stratosphere in no time at all.”
Silent Radio

“A Brooding Indie Pop masterclass.”
Fecking Deadly

“There’s something that feels so pure when it comes to this work, whether it’s the simple honesty of the lyrics or the orchestral effect of memorable drums, guitars and synths. The music video for “A House” echoes his attempts of bringing reality into broad daylight, through both the natural joy and sadness built into everyday lives.”
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