Indie punk powerhouses, VIAL, are back for more with their newest punch-you-in-the-gut anthem, “apathy.” Stripped back guitar and soft, dreamy vocals stand alone for just a moment, only to be interrupted by a strident progression of piercing guitar, driving drums, and palpable desperation. The juxtaposition between the anguished vocal timbre, to phrases such as “No I can’t hate you anymore / The one thing that I always swore” offers listeners an in-depth look into what it’s like to feel, well, nothing.

Following singles “ur dad,” “just fine,” and “falling short,” “apathy” is the final track VIAL shares before the March 29 release of their latest LP, burnout, via Get Better Records.

VIAL is a powerhouse trio, red-hot in DIY scenes after breaking out during unconventional times in 2020. Their sound is a pressure cooker: Indie rock meets punk in soaring melodic hooks ready to sink teeth into all listeners alike. Bite marks burn hotter on the live stage, where they’ve supported acts such as FIDLAR, HUNNY, and Mal Blum. The jury’s in: The insatiable hunger for VIAL’s fresh genre blend will be plentifully satisfied with a steaming-hot sophomore record in 2024.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Madeline Ell.