VM has today released his new single titled ‘Incomplete’ via Epictronic. As a fan of grunge and now valid curator, VM distinguishes himself by being something that is harder and harder to find within any genre of music; genuine. His music is pure in regards to being made with love and conviction. I know that may be hard to understand, but, when you review as much music as I do, you tend to get a little jaded. This felt refreshing. Honest to the self.

Slow and churning from the start of the song, the almost droning nature of the track becomes intoxicating to the ears and mesmerizing to the soul. This is a song you feel. As it goes from soft to hard to everywhere, we feel a musical climax. A crescendo that builds from the ground up with emotion.

About VM & ‘Incomplete’

VM, hailing from Zhytomyr, Ukraine, has always been drawn to the grunge genre. His passion for both listening to and performing grunge music led him to dedicate himself to its creation. VM’s commitment to uniqueness and experimentation in his music sets him apart, making his compositions truly distinctive.

In 2021, VM made his debut with the EP “2Push2Relax,” which garnered critical acclaim and introduced audiences to his signature sound. Now, in collaboration with Epictronic, VM is excited to release “Incomplete,” a track that exemplifies his raw talent and creative vision. The single showcases his skills as a multi-talented artist. It’s been produced (recorded, mixed, and mastered) at the “Hostel Studio” in his home town Zhytomyr, Ukraine

VM’s artistic journey is one of constant exploration and evolution, with no limit to what he may create in the future. However, one thing remains certain—his unwavering commitment to the grunge aesthetic. Fans can expect VM to consistently deliver the authentic grunge experience they crave.