whiterosemoxie has today premiered his new video for the single titled ‘girls die’. done in a pure minimalistic style exposing his soul as well as his talent, whiterosemoxie shows that quiet daring and deep sense of self that only the best artists can imply.

Where the real art lay is that thin line between poignant and daring within the same song and video. This is a track from the heart. Emitting the soul. Showing what a weathered musician can do if given the chance. And the freedom. To fly.

About whiterosemoxie

whiterosemoxie has an omnivorous sonic appetite, absorbing sounds from varied regions and genres to express his emotionally complex hip-hop. Teaming up with producer Jay Cribbs for his latest heartfelt single, the 20-year-old artist shares “girls die,” a poignant and powerful ballad. The song starts with moxie displaying his breathy and powerful vocal tone (unadorned by any effects) over Jay Cribbs’ gentle acoustic guitar strums, before the song explodes into a stark, bass-heavy soundscape giving new context to the simple chord progression. The song takes inspiration from a mysterious tweet by Young Thug, using a macabre metaphor to describe the uncertainty and wistfulness that often accompanies life’s great transitions.

whiterosemoxie explains the inspiration behind “girls die”: “Me and Cribbs were having one of those cook up every day all day months and I was fresh off of tour with Riz La Vie. My girl was away at school and I was feeling the distance now that I wasn’t so busy. I walked in the studio and Cribbs was playing the guitar and it matched so well with the way I was feeling. We instantly caught a vibe and figured out the hook together, and I wrote the verses. A couple days later he sent me the new version with it sped up, and i knew we had something super special. ‘girls die’ is the feeling of going from familiar to unfamiliar. From in love to single, high school to college, 19 to 20, from college to your first job. That feeling of reset that is so bittersweet.”

Producer Jay Cribbs describes the recording process: “This record was honestly probably the earliest song in the process of making the HUMAN BEHAVIOR album. I was in the beginning stages of learning how to play the guitar, so when Moxie and I got in a session that day I knew I had to try out what I learned. Once I laid down the chords, the melody just really came naturally.”

Directed by Keenan Wetzel and edited by Shane Ford, the video for “girls die” is as direct as the song and packs a similar emotional punch. A contemplative moxie ruminates on his relationship on a crisp autumn day in his hometown of Detroit, his emotions overcoming him as the beat kicks in. Live at 2pm ET today, “girls die” is the latest in a line of striking visuals from the upcoming album HUMAN BEHAVIOR, following clips for the unapologetic “Wayside” and the striking “whts rght.”

After more than a year of traveling and working with various artists and producers in different cities, whiterosemoxie decided to return to Detroit and lock in with his closest collaborators to tell the story that manifests on his debut full length album. On HUMAN BEHAVIOR, Moxie gets deeply personal to talk about themes of love, loss, excess, addiction, violence, ego, exuberance, desperation, and joy, and while the stories are Moxie’s own, his songwriting is at its best when other kids see themselves in his work. More than a musical diary that tracks the varied experiences of a 20 year-old navigating life as an artist in Detroit, HUMAN BEHAVIOR is focused examination of how difficult it can be to determine whether or not we are in control of or actually controlled by the forces in our lives. HUMAN BEHAVIOR arrives later this year via 300 Entertainment.

whiterosemoxie has established himself as one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking rising artists in the game today. The young artist has generated over 30 million streams across platforms to date, including over 12 million on his first-ever release “whitegold.” Though he built his audience during the pandemic, he’s an astonishing live performer, showing off his live chops at festivals like Rolling Loud Miami and HIVE Music Festival, and recently thrilling his hometown crowd at halftime of a Detroit Pistons game. Most recently, Moxie showed his range on his recent Habits EP, a melodic 7-track effort that stretched his vocal skills and featured guest appearances from BIGBABYGUCCI and Daboat.