Tone-Pearls Records proudly announces new releases of its records on master tapes and as HD music downloads. Nothing compares to the sound of an original master tape except the sound of the original performance.

I think that there is no excuse for recording music at all,” says Laszlo Gaal, founder of Tone-Pearls Records. “The only acceptable reason for recording music might be the perfect re-creation of the original experience of a listener at a live performance. This is why we developed a new recording technique, and this is why we release original master tapes now.

Piano Music in a Church is now available as a second-generation copy of the original master tape. Master tapes are shipped on half-track and 15 ips audio tapes.

The main features are:

• Second-generation copy of the original master tape

• Half-track 1/4” NOS BASF PER 528

• Speed: 15 ips (38.1 cm/s)

• CCIR Equalization

• Live analogue recording with Tone-Pearls

• Unprocessed recording

• Music was captured by just a single pair of microphones and recorded directly to a Nagra IVS TC reel-to-reel tape recorder

• Recording was made without any manipulation or mixing or post processing.

Tone-Pearls Records’ original masters are actually direct-on-tape session masters. For that reason, even a second generation transfer from the original tape will have fewer deviations from the original performance, compared to any first generation transfer from a typical production master used by a typical record label.

Tone-Pearls Records has tested several professional studio tape recorders being in the lucky position that the tape recorder museum, owned by Tone-Pearls’ expert Vilmos Nagy, has almost 400 different types of reel-to-reel tape recorders made by over 130 companies, from 21 countries. Hungarian STM 610 professional studio tape recorder, having the most musical sound, was selected as dubbing machine. Practically, these master copies do not show any noticeable difference compared to the original session tape.

Those, who are not lucky enough to own a professional tape recorder, may also download a high-definition digital copy of the original master tape.

With eyes closed, many listeners would easily be tricked to think that they are listening to a real live piano performance,” wrote Suave Kajko in Canada Hifi about Piano Music in a Church recording.