The digital version of Will Sing For Food will be discontinued on October 15th. CreateSpace (the service through which the album is released) is discontinuing all their MP3s on that date. The CD version will continue to be available.

The charity album features fifteen songs from fifteen Rockford, Illinois area musicians. All music has been donated by the artists and all the cover photographs (also by Rockford area photographers) have been donated. All profits from the album go directly to the Rock River Valley Food Pantry.

The Rock River Valley Pantry provides food to those in urgent need. As a community based pantry they provide 3-4 days of healthy, nutritious food to men, women, and children every month. In October 2013 7,895 clients used the pantry. 40% were children and 7% were over the age of 65. They rely on food drives, fundraisers, state issued commodities, and grants to meet the need of those going hungry. During their last fiscal year they had more than 74,000 user visits and distributed 1,080,000 pounds of food. Every dollar and every can donated makes a difference to someone going hungry!

In a review at Music Street Journal, Greg Olma said of the album, “I can still honestly say that there are some really good tunes on this eclectic disc. The styles and genre are all over the board here but I think there are at least a few songs for everybody on this record…Even if at the end of the day you only like a few tunes, this CD is worth checking out because you may discover a new artists that you want to follow more closely and you will be helping out a worthy cause.”

In a review at Music Emissions (, SolitaryMan described the disc as “a mixed bag of genres, skill levels and ultimately flows incredibly well despite the differences. The predominant genre appears to be gospel-flavored rock, with some fine tracks by the likes of Paul Hieser, Jim Grass and Wade Lammon. The ‘9/11 Dedication’ is a hip-hop tribute to an obvious day of infamy in our country, and is particularly well done. If I had to pin down a favorite or two, Clark Colborn’s prog-rock guitar gymnastics on ‘Mr. In A Hurry (Part 2)’ would be one. Some Kind Of Whale also offer a memorable track with the bluesy rock of ‘Sorry Today’…On top of your charitable donation, you’ll get a collection of songs that will no doubt have at least a couple of tracks to please you regardless of your tastes. Sounds like a win-win to me!”

At Mr. Music Chronicles, Larry Toering said, “…All of the artists bring their own unique sound and style to the table…It can’t be categorized very easily, as they do vary quite vastly…The music here is that of which anyone can enjoy, it’s that well put together for a good cause, set up through Create Space…I find this to be an excellent group of artists and tracks, enjoying every minute of it.”

Colonel Angus had the following to say about the set at Wormwood Chronicles: “…Luckily, this album is packed full of great music by unknown artists. You can look at this record as a sampler but you also get the added benefit of donating to a good cause.. If you purchase this group of cuts, you will be a rewarded twice; once for the music and the other for helping other folks in need.”

The other artists on the set include Harlan Jefferson, The Soap Flossers, Michael Whyte and the Sunset Movies, Danielle Juhre, Joe Disastr, Fallin Angels/S&S Productions – 9/11 Dedication, G.W. Hill, Pine Cone, Tania Nicholson and P-H-M. The digital version, until discontinued, can be purchased here: The CD can be purchased at and that will remain beyond the end-date for the digital copies.