WOLFXCHAIN (Wolf & Chain) has, moments ago, released their new video for the single titled ‘Phantom’. Straight forward modern mayhem with rock, cock, and hook. Monster melody with master caliber from such a young band is something that makes me wonder ‘Is that genetic?’.

The video, directed by Colin Jeffs, melds and molds paranoia with paranormal lends a suspense that compliments the music and attitude and brings the media experience closer to the memory circuits. But the song, this song. The chord changes. The harmony. The grit, grime, and glamour. All of it is here…. to hear. Let your senses surrender.

About WOLFXCHAIN & ‘Phantom’

Adelaide’s enigmatic alt rock outfit, Wolf & Chain, has taken their artistry to a chilling new level with the release of the haunting music video for their recent single, ‘Phantom’. The music video, directed by Colin Jeffs of Ten of Swords Media, released Thursday, August 17, offers a suspenseful experience into the paranormal.

After creating ripples in the music scene with their distinctive blend of dark, aggressive pop and anthemic chaos, Wolf & Chain recently brought forth the single ‘Phantom’ with its blood-pumping energy. Now, they invite you to dive into the sinister world of the song through a meticulously crafted visual narrative.

The music video transports the band to a spine-tingling haunted manor, casting them in the roles of ghost hunters exploring the enigmatic and ominous atmosphere. This concept plays on classic horror tropes, where isolation in an eerie location leads to unsettling encounters. Throughout the video, the band members delve deeper into the enigma of the house, slowly succumbing to the dark and looming presence that surrounds them.

Working alongside director Colin Jeffs proved to be an inspiring and collaborative journey. “Colin Jeffs was super fun to work with and a really creative guy,” says Jack Cumes, the lead singer of Wolf & Chain. “He had lots of amazing ideas and really inspired us on set.”

Reflecting on the concept, Cumes shared, “The concept kind of started as a joke. We always poked fun at horror tropes about being isolated on a farm or something like that, and seeing or hearing creepy things, or becoming possessed with ideas and going mad in isolation. We watched a bunch of horror movies together as well during that writing/recording process. As fate would have it, life imitates art and we all fell sick and felt a dark energy during our stay. The video is our way of paying respect to that experience for us in a sense.”

‘Phantom’ has marked a pivotal moment for Wolf & Chain as they venture into new musical directions, integrating a matured and accessible sound while preserving their signature alt rock characteristics. The single was met with acclaim, gaining recognition from esteemed publications and radio stations, including Maniacs, Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Wall Of Sound, Hysteria, Kill Your Stereo, and more.

Grab the EMF Metter and join the eerie allure of Wolf & Chain’s music as they delve into the mysterious world of ‘Phantom’. The music video is out now, adding a visual layer to the already captivating narrative of the song.