Hip hop recording artist Young Boogatti has released his latest single “Late Night Luv” off his debut album “In The Hood.” The single was selected by Boogatti’s label (Purple Elephant Music) to be a crossover, hip hop slash r&b single that could possibly break into the top 40 charts. The featured singer on Late Night Luv has massive appeal for the females, but the song still packs enough of the thug life feel for the fellas to jam.

Boogatti plans to use his earned influence and travel schedule to educate the youth about safe sex practices. The goal of this campaign will be to first target parents in the Southeast region of the United States with the statistics about transmitted diseases in our youth. The hopes are that the parents will take heed to the statistics and share the facts with their kids. They are calling upon all the major news networks to cover this outstanding journey.

About “Young Boogatti”
Lagene Perkins, better known by his stage name Young Boogatti is an American hip hop recording artist from Montgomery, Alabama. Boogatti was the first artist to be signed to Dallas, Texas record label Purple Elephant Music. He can be described as an artist who came up in the school of the hard knocks; giving him the ability to spit reality based bars about struggle, strife and the cold streets.

In June of 2016, Boogatti released his long overdue debut album titled “In The Hood,” which received much acclaim and landed Purple Elephant Music their first label deal with music distribution company Forbes Music Entertainment. Boogatti plans to tour the Southeast region of the United States in 2017 to continue the promotion of his debut album.