1. Wat A Ting Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  2. Bad Guy Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  3. Cry Me A Riddim Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  4. If I Were Your Woman Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  5. Start Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  6. Baby Girl Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  7. Something I Can Feel Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  8. I Don’t Need You Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  9. Transparent Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  10. Baby Girl (Unplugged) Zeeteah Massiah 0:30
  11. My Name Is Zeeteah Massiah 0:30

Zeeteah Massiah is set to release her new album titled ‘Wat A Ting’ on November 18th. Zeeteah is an artist that, while she needs no introduction, she also has that reputation that keeps her solidly in the cool kids section.

‘Wat A Ting’ is that perfect lounge styled set of songs played live in said lounge that grabs your attention whenever it wants. Original at its core while tipping that hat to those influences that are forever immortalized, we get a repertoire of Zeeteah from bookend to bookend while being put on notice that there is plenty more to come.

About Zeeteah Massiah

Born in Barbados, raised in London, Zeeteah Silveta Massiah was singing before she could talk. While still in her teens, she was snapped up by Trojan Records and recorded a reggae version of the Jackson 5 hit We Got A Good Thing Going. Soon afterwards, she sang in the hit London musical Little Shop of Horrors.

Zeeteah is famous for her amazing live performances. Her unique style and stunning voice have earned her a legion of fans, and every show she performs is a thrilling event.

In the early 1990s Zeeteah had a major hit with Slide on the Rhythm, which rocketed to No. 1 on the American Billboard dance chart. She followed up with This is the Place and Sexual Prime, both of which were UK chart hits. In 1996, she went through to the UK final of the Eurovision Song Contest with A Little Love.

Over the years Zeeteah has shared the stage with some of the greatest musical artists of our time, including Robbie Williams, Johnny Hallyday, Phil Collins and Sting. She sang with Kim Wilde on Michael Jackson’s legendary Bad tour and toured the world with Tom Jones.

Zeeteah lives near London, where she plays regularly to packed houses. As well as many singles, she has released two albums of jazz: Juice in 2014 and Maybe Tomorrow in 2016. In 2020 she returned to her reggae roots and put together a new band, and on 18 November 2022 she will be releasing a reggae album, entitled Wat A Ting.