Serena Corleone will launch her music project exclusively online. The songs will be released online each week along with a video clip on her YouTube channel and her other social networking pages. These songs will also be available for purchase each week in all online stores. However, her full album “Little Submarine” won’t go on sale until summer 2016.

The singles have a distinctive electronic-pop sound along with undertones of a variety of different styles and conveying a wide range of emotions. Her catchy lyrics and beats mean she is an artist appreciated by all kinds of different audiences.

The decision to completely launch her singing career via online channels is an innovative new concept and is geared towards a younger audience.

With only three weeks until the launch date, her music and potential are already being compared to those of artists such as Justin Bieber, Scott Helman, Nikyee Heaton and Taylor Swift, with her immediate entry into the TOP 10 most important international music artists being highly anticipated.

According to industry analysts and critics, success comes down to personality, song quality, production excellency and the viral nature of online channels.

Serena is a young Spanish singer based in Barcelona who has been tirelessly working to achieve her dream ever since she was a child when she decided she would dedicate herself to making it in the music industry.

She has grown up in countries all over the world, including China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Switzerland. It is because of this multicultural experience that her musical influences stem from a unique fusion of international pop.

As well as launching her music career, Serena Corleone is preparing for her public debut on digital media channels, working on several projects which will all be revealed in the next few months.

Serena, an 18-year-old Spanish teenager, decided to throw herself into music by studying song and dance at an early age.

Thanks to her confidence and youth she is a bombshell: a natural both on-stage and in front of the cameras. Due to her family’s constant travelling, Serena has practically grown up in airports and customs offices. Although she is now based in Barcelona, she has lived on nearly all the continents: America, Asia, Europe… and it is because of this lifestyle that she firmly believes in a world without borders.

Since she was a baby, Serena has had to fight hard for the things she wants in life and she shows this in everything she does. She loves partying, having fun, dancing, and being with her friends; however, she never forgets her family who she absolutely adores. Serena is as complicated as she is simple: with her youthful outlook she gives off happy, dynamic vibes, however she also demonstrates professionalism and dedication. She is a rebel with a huge heart. She is a very lucky girl… but she knows it and is very grateful of the fact. It is from this that her love for animals stems as does her support of social causes. She has high moral standards which she wants to highlight and promote among her fanbase.