You’re new to the scene, what have you been doing up until now?

My life has always been based around music. I was classically trained on cello and piano from the age of 8 and have always studied and performed music. I only started singing and writing 4 years ago at university. So these past few years I have been developing my sound, genre and writing lots! I have also been working on collaborative projects with different DJ’S and producers in my genre. I think it’s important to take some time to really find what you want to do musically and develop as a person before coming onto the ‘scene’. I really believe you need to feel prepared and confident in what you’re releasing.

Do you have any formal training in music or is it just a gift?

I always had formal training in classical cello and music theory from a young age.

Vocally however, it felt more natural to me and I only had a few years of singing lessons during my time at The University of Southampton. Around the same time I picked up singing and songwriting, I moved away from classical music as it felt too ‘formal’ and didn’t let me express myself enough. That said, I still use cello in my songwriting.

Have you always wanted to be a recording star or is there a secondary career for you?

I know the minute I was introduced to music I wanted to be a ‘professional musician’ and that still stands! It will always be a primary career for me.

Your press release says that you were born in the year house music took over in the UK – why have you chosen to record deep house?

I think you are heavily influenced by the sound you hear growing up. I’ve always wanted to create music that I’d listen to and get inspired by. For me, songwriting should express who you are as a person and house music mixed with soulful vocals makes me feel everything music should; energy and emotion. I think the mix between superficial beats and raw natural blues inspired vocals create the perfect balance for the listener. For me personally nothing is more satisfying in music than a sweet bass drop in house music.

What do you think about the return of vinyl as a format in the industry?

The return of the vinyl format is a really exciting move in the industry. In dance music, the ‘art’ of DJing is vital to how audience interact with a tract and vinyl is key to that performance process. We’ve had a time where DJs are remixing invisible downloads, but the dancefloor just comes alive when something more tangible such as vinyl is at play. For me, as a dance artist, especially in my genre of house music, vinyl is a really welcome comeback.

Your look is very distinctive, tell us about your image.

Thank you! I think your exterior should define your personality. I’ve never had boring hair or makeup, but maybe that sums up my outgoing personality. I always work on my image myself as I’m interesting in anything creative. You can easily associate makeup and hair with art and it’s simply another form of expression.

The Dots Per Inch mix is banging, how did you get together with this guy?

I met Dots Per Inch at a recording studio and worked on a feature track with him (‘This Love’ ft. Klaudia out now) this was almost two years ago and was my first taste of house music! I later asked him to do a remix of ‘Carousel’ and he’s done an incredible job of it! It’s getting a lot of attention.

What can we expect from Klaudia in a live performance? 

I’d like live shows to be visually creative. I love over the top light shows/lasers and anything that enhances the audience’s experience. For outdoor festivals I’d love to have neon powder cannons and just create the most fun possible for the crowd. I was completely inspired at the dance stage at Reading Festival a few years ago. The energy in the crowd was so intense and euphoric I knew then that I need to be on that stage providing the crowd with this feeling!

Can we expect to see more house tracks from you or will you change your musical direction for the next release?

100% staying with this genre! I have tried other styles of music before, but nothing clicks with me like house. That’s why as I mentioned previously it’s important to explore and develop a sound you want and then hone it in and really work on it. For the summer I’m adding more garage elements to my songwriting.

Is there an album or a tour planned for 2016?

This year I will be releasing a few singles and have been working on featured projects with DJ/producers, which will all start surfacing the scene in the next few months. I think this year I want to do as many collaborations as possible and concentrate on my singles. The key is to never stop writing because before you know it, you will have enough material for an album. So album wise I think 2017 is looking promising.

I will start doing a club ‘tour’ in the next month, showcasing my single ‘Carousel’ and new material.

Can we expect to see you in one of the house nights in Ibiza?

Would absolutely love to do that and ideally get a chance to this summer!

Where will Klaudia be in one year’s time?

Touring my music and making as many people move as I can! I think it’s hard to plan in the music industry, as things and opportunities arise and change daily. Ironically, I’m a very organised person, but I have learned to embrace the beauty of constant change and just roll with it!