Marshall Barnes, the internationally noted research and development engineer in advanced concept science and technology, is finally pulling the trigger on the release of trailers from his upcoming documentary, The Dawning of the Age of Time Machines. The film will document the story of how he not only became interested and pursued research into time travel, but how he became so advanced in his thinking to begin with. He has always been considered ahead of his time, throughout his entire adult life, a fact that seems to be confirmed even by the computer tabulating results over at the web site run by Strategy&.

The CEO Time Machine is a web site where you take a survey on your views in regards to business, which are then tabulated with the result being a determination of what time era you should be in as a CEO. Marshall took the test and the results were he would be best suited for the year 2040. You can see them yourself at .

The film will not only include a flashback, to Marshall’s unique career and history, but how it was that he learned to understand complex concepts beyond the level of the experts which enabled him to invent the technology, to make warp drive and his time machine, possible. He is currently the most successful challenger to Stephen Hawking in the world. And after Ronald Mallett, whom he knows, turned down his offer to work on his Verdrehung Fan™ project with him, thus initiating a competition to see who would build a time machine first, Marshall proceeded to build his own design and test it. In just 19 months after their last conversation, Marshall had beaten Mallett in that race, all but destroying any possibilities of Mallett ever building a machine. Mallett’s ideas were never widely accepted in the physics community to begin with, with published objections from J.R. Gott of Princeton and physicists Ken Olum and Allen Everett as well. Now that Marshall has proved that his approach has merit, the possibility of Mallett getting funding from anywhere is nil, as he requires $300,000 to just see if his device will meet the basic requirements, requirements that Marshall has blown past already. No one backs a loser after the race is over.

The new trailer features Marshall’s results from the CEO Time Machine, scenes of him speaking at the 100 Year Starship Symposium and at a WakeUp StartUp event as well as the All-Con sci-fi convention in Addison, Texas where he encountered a working R2D2 replica near the small re-creation of the Stargate of Stargate SG-1. Most interesting is that there are glimpses of the Verdrehung Fan™ in action, giving off bursts of what is appearing to be UV light and then suddenly glowing white, all only detected by the camera. This, of course, is just a tease for what will actually be in the film – a demonstration of infrared and radio frequency signals disappearing into the device over time, the proof, based on Mallett’s premise of how a device could be a time machine on a particle level, and that Mallett has been defeated. Expert commentary from scientists and radio/TV broadcast engineers will explain the significance of the results, which point towards the future possibility of creating traversable wormholes anywhere in space and time with increased power and marrying the device to a control system that Marshall has been working on since 2005.

The media reaction will be interesting, because heretofore the media has been giving overwhelming attention to Mallett, who has done nothing new since 2008. Confronted with the reality that their media darling has been rendered totally and completely inconsequential, the reaction of the press will be one to watch as their own credibility will be drawn into sharp question.

After all, why all the coverage of a guy who says he wants to build a time machine instead of on the guy who’s actually done it? In the same vein, although a release date hasn’t been set, there is another time machine documentary being promoted right now, How To Build A Time Machine by director Jay Cheel. Unlike The Dawning of the Age of Time Machines, Cheel’s movie focuses on two men, of whom Mallett is one. The first is an artist, Rob Noisi, who has been obsessed with building a perfect replica of the time machine from the movie of the same name, based on H.G. Well’s book of the same name. Mallett, of course, will be retelling the same story that he’s been telling over, and over and over again, ad nausem, for more than a decade now, about wanting to build a time machine to go back in time and save his father from a heart attack.

“Although the movies might not be out at the same time at all,” Marshall says, “the trailers are. It will be interesting to see how the public reacts to the comparison – two guys talking about the fantasy of time machines vs the man that’s done it, expanding it, speaking at science conferences on it and writing about the science of it and reporting to Congress on it…”

Marshall won’t predict what will happen next, preferring to wait and see for himself.

“So it will test the public to see if they just want to bask in the fantasy of ‘what if’ and ‘wouldn’t it be great’ or they’re ready to deal with the reality that it’s starting to happen right now, and step into the real 21st century…”