3kelves has today premiered his new EP titled ‘Lucas루카스’. A suave collection of electro pop, and that certain feel good feeling that only true songwriters can convey shows me that ‘Lucas루카스’ is one of those hopefully not hidden gems to find on Spotify.

The originality level of each track shows 3kelves’ personality as well as musical skill level as each track is as signature as it is deferent from the rest of the tracks on the EP. What I’m saying is that the best way to listen to this is to go to track one, hit play, and let it roll. Take the journey this artist laid out for you. You won’t regret it. Summer came early.

About 3kelves

Born in South Korea, now living in San Francisco, 3kelves is Taewook Lucas Kang – DJ, producer, and songwriter. He broke onto the dance scene after winning Disclosure’s remix competition – twice, and has since released electronic music with top notch labels, (Kitsune, Nervous, True Romance), toured the world, and opened for his heroes (Purple Disco Machine, Duck Sauce, Leon Vynehall, SG Lewis).

“Nonsense” is the first of two singles of his upcoming EP, Lucas 루카스 due March 29, 2024. For 3kelves, This EP is a departure from his prior work as he rediscovers his original love when moving from Korea to the US – indie pop.

The upcoming EP features music from his trips around the world to meet his fellow producers that he met during the pandemic from Discord Servers, where 3kelves is an active community member.

“Nonsense” was made with Dylan C. Greene from the Netherlands. The single is uplifting disco pop with a moody undercurrent. It’s about keeping optimism during times of collapse and about recognizing ourselves through our own flaws and trying to understand the nonsensical times of global distress that we currently live through. 3kelves presents a gentle reminder to take care of each other.