Chasing Kites has today released their new single titled ‘Collide’. Presented in a rock manner with a pop sense of self, the songwriting is the real star here. Lyrics that delve into one’s past to make sense of the present. While the song, musically, has that wide berth of a sound meant for any arena, there is also a personal touch that brings it close to you as you listen.

Fitting somewhere in the middle of that spectrum of emotion and melody, ‘Collide’ isn’t a track that tries to be anything other than what it already is. A song to take with you on your journey of life.

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About Chasing Kites

Chasing Kites were originally founded by frontman Matt Donnelly and guitarist Liam Hope in 2021. After a long search for a rhythm section, drummer James Hunt and bassist Nathan Price were drafted in to complete the band’s electric sound. Hailing from Bristol and named as a BBC Big New Sound, the group intertwine dynamic hooks, 80s synth textures and vivid narratives, capturing reflections on the stories of Donnelly’s youth. With echoes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Verve and The 1975, the band have already conjured an arena-ready sound at a tender age.

Their upcoming single Collide was recorded with Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Bring Me The Horizon) at Studio 91. A track close to Donnelly’s heart, Collide tells the story of how his parents met.

Reflecting on the single, vocalist and lyricist Matt Donnelly says: “The writing of Collide took me into unexplored territory in terms of the lyrical content. The track tells the story of how my parents fell in love in somewhat unusual circumstances, in that my dad was already married, and my Mum in a long-term relationship. I find it incredibly romantic how their love for one another was strong enough to overcome this. I’d been keen to incorporate this story into a Chasing Kites track for a while and for whatever reason, this piece of instrumentation felt like the perfect opportunity.”

“In terms of the arrangement, the track was handed over to me by our guitarist Liam in a state where it was essentially fully formed as an instrumental. I lived with the track for a few days and wrote the melody shortly after. As is generally the case with our tracks, the lyrics took a lot longer to take shape. As this story means so much to my family, it was important that I did it justice.”