Acid Tongue is an American garage band heavily influenced by classic soul, punk & psychedelic rock. Formed in a damp Seattle basement in 2015, the band immediately hit the road, extensively touring the US & Europe and refining their unique brand of rock & roll.

Consisting of a core duo—singer/songwriter Guy Keltner & drummer/vocalist Ian Cunningham—the band also includes numerous touring & studio musicians scattered between Paris, New York, London, Mexico City, & Los Angeles, with a rotating roster that seems to grow larger by the day.

In 2015, Acid Tongue established their own label, Freakout Records, and in 2017 the band released their debut album, aptly titled BABIES. The album is a soulful, stoney, heartfelt approach to modern psychedelia. Their 2020 sophomore album, BULLIES, expanded upon the themes of their debut, cementing the band as the Pacific Northwest’s most unique garage-rock proprietors. For their third studio album, ARBORETUM, the band recruited veterans from the psychedelic rock scene during production, resulting in first-rate collaborations with artists such as Death Valley Girls, Naked Giants and Canadian singer Calvin Love.

Acid Tongue’s fourth full-length, ACID ON THE DANCEFLOOR, due out Spring 2024, showcases their now signature sound and a back-to-basics approach to rock music. Incorporating elements of glam, R&B and post-punk, the album is a loud, funky and chaotic acid trip that redefines “the Seattle sound”.

‘While initially tracking the demo in the dining room of my apartment, I got stoned and delivered my vocals from on top of the dinner table. My wife came home to find me screaming, “I’M TRIPPIN’ ON ACID ON THE DANCEFLOOR,” dancing barefoot on the table. “I TOOK TOO MUCH! I TOOK TOO MUCH!” I shouted in her face as I proceeded to stain our vintage table with my dirty feet. This is normal behavior in the Keltner household.

We really wanted to strike a nice middle-ground between LCD Soundsystem and Queen but with more of our punk energy thrown into the mix on “Acid on the Dancefloor.” The RUSH-esque phaser on the drum kit in the chorus gave it that extra 1970s arena rock flair.

A lot of our tunes strive for some deeper meaning, but in the case of this song, we really just wanted to have a great time in the studio and create something for the love of creating.’

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Bella Petro.