Aleks Grey has released his new single titled ‘Sunset Cigarette’. Aleks is one of those artists that grew with Jammerzine, having been with us from the beginning. Having said that, I also find that he is the perfect example of an artist that has truly grown musically. His sound has evolved into it’s own thing in many ways.

With ‘Sunset Cigarette’, there is a solemness within the beat and feeling drenched in the hook. With a slightly electronic sound, Aleks takes the meaning of those words and sets them to a score that sets the emotion in motion. Underlying that is the almost non repetitiveness of that music. Building up to a crescendo that takes the heart with the ears into a new realm of contemplation with the style of an original artist.

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About Aleks Grey

You grow up, and you grow older, but you never get too old to miss the ones you love. You can walk past someone in the streets of Paris, Rome or New York, and this person uses the same, specific perfume that your ex, from ten years ago, used to wear. Or, you can hear a song that brings up so many memories and feelings that you thought you had forgotten about.

For Aleks Grey it is the smell of a cigarette in the warm summer breeze that reminds him of someone. It’s not always easy with relations and relationships, whether it’s a partner, friend or family. But through the highs and lows, love will always be a big part of those nostalgic feelings.

Aleks Grey has had airtime and listings on radio, both in his home country Norway and around the world, and he’s had positive feedback in international magazines and blogs. In 2022, he released the single “Five Minutes” with Iselin (the voice in Alan Walker’s “Faded”), which was nationally listed on Norway’s largest radio channel and received lots of press. They were interviewed on one of the best shows on radio in Norway and written about in the international blog Alfitude. Aleks’ EP “Souls” was nominated as “The Best Solo Record of The Year” by LMS in England and was one of the 25 best indie albums of 2015 in the American magazine Jammerzine. In 2016 he received The Song Link Award for his single “Unstoppable”, a song that was also used on a BBC Radio 4 show.

Aleks has played all over Norway and has had several concerts in Germany. With his band, he played for BBC Meyerside and did a double session for the largest youth magazine in Great Britain, The Student Pocket Guide.

Featured image by Are Næsset.