Ada Marques has today released her new EP titled ‘Creature of Habit’. Songs of solitude filled with choruses of comfort and originality abound, ‘Creature of Habit’ offers enough diversity to spark the interest while giving up enough emotion to soothe the heart.

Ada has a way about her songwriting. She has that rare gift of bringing her music forth in a way that has that endearing way about it while also being unpredictable at times. This is that ‘thing’ we all want as songwriters. How do you stay accessible to a listener while being original enough to give those little ‘aha’ moments when you throw a sonic curveball into a piece of music.

That is Ada’s secret gift. That cousin at the family reunion where some of the family embraces the black sheep attitude while others fear it. Under that black sheep skin there is a gentle wolf. And she is the calm that caused the storm.

About Ada Marques

As an only child, parts of Ada Marques’ life felt consumed by solitude. She admits that at times, to survive the vacancy, she lived in her own head, relying on her creativity for companionship.

She’s always had a distinct intimacy with music. At times, particularly when she was feeling withdrawn or invisible, her relationship with music grasped her in a distinctively unique way, replicating the connection that other people pursue with family or their best friend. Music made her feel alive and loved in a way nothing else ever had, and she couldn’t get enough of that feeling.

Each night, while her aunt was away at work, Marques would sneak into her bedroom and consume each of the albums in her aunt’s CD collection. She spent hours sampling and studying albums, connecting emotionally with each artist she discovered including Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Stevie Nicks.

“The way they would write their stories so plainly and bluntly yet gracefully inspired me,” she admits, noting their influence on her own style of songwriting. Uncovering Taylor Swift’s debut album, Marques realized for the first time that songs don’t just happen; they’re created by musicians. Instantly, she was inspired to try to unlock her own abilities as a storyteller.

From that moment Marques centered her life around songwriting, first by detailing how every novel she read or movie she watched made her feel, then, as she grew up and navigated high school, boys, and the dramas surrounding both, as an outlet to control and safely release her emotions. Eventually, with some prompting from her peers, Marques found herself considering writing music for someone other than her, and telling her story publicly, a dream she had always been passionate about, but too afraid to explore because of her propensity to overthink.

Marques found herself fixating on the idea that sharing her deep-rooted fears, and the loneliness and solitude that she had experienced growing up, might propel others to lean into the reassurance she remembered needing in her life, that she eventually found in music. Compelled by the notion that she – the reclusive girl searching for her self-worth in the lyrics of songs by the female musicians she adored – might unfold and bloom into the type of artist that she credits with her own survival, Marques, still afraid, hesitantly released her debut single, “Bell,” and her follow up “Napkin.”

By positioning herself and her experiences with intrusive thoughts in the spotlight, Marques has emerged as a voice of compassion, impacting and encouraging her listeners to take a concentrated look at how relationships, both with others and with ourselves, can distort our self-image and impact the way we approach our future.

Hopeful that her humanistic approach to songwriting might help establish opportunities to normalize conversations about important mental health topics for many, Marques knows that if her songs can affect even one listener to emerge and evolve confidently as an individual – the way her aunt’s CD collection encouraged her – she is confident that she will feel satisfied. However, as listeners and peers continue to rapidly appear around her in support, and her followers on TikTok and Instagram swelling to over 12,000 and 15,500 respectively following the release of her first two singles, the probability that her impact is significant is growing more likely every day.