It’s Karma It’s Cool have released the video for their latest single titled ‘Old Bones’. The song is the second in a series of six digital singles (three of which feature the legendary Peter Holsapple of REM, The dB’s).

With a welcoming demeanor right from that first chord strung, we get a bravado tour de force that is as striking as it is signature. this gives that vibe of a band that has been around way longer than it actually has. Being in touch with your creative sides as well as your influences gives this pristine panache for solid music and exciting presentation that leaves you impatiently waiting for the next track to drop.

About It’s Karma It’s Cool

Call it New Wave. Call it Post-Punk. Call it Power-pop with a bite! Call it what you want, I doubt that It’s Karma It’s Cool care, they are just having too much fun making the music to worry about labels and taglines. And fun not just making the music but also playing such august and iconic locations as The Cavern Club as part of the International Pop Overthrow Festival. They do get about!

Perhaps the most exciting thing that the band has done of late, amongst a raft of exciting things, is team up with “honorary 5th IKIC member” Peter Holsapple for some long-distance recording (isn’t the modern age wonderful?)

Over the next 3 months or so the band will be releasing 6 singles, three of which feature the aforementioned Peter, whose long and varied career includes playing with such luminaries as The dB’s. R.E.M. and Hootie & The Blowfish.

A Gentle Reminder kicks things off in fine style. A typically cool and quirky slice of pop, buoyant beats and driving bass urges, choppy guitars and the sort of groove that looks you straight in the eye and dares you to keep still! And of course, Mr H. weaves some glorious keyboards in, around, through and under the other instruments to complete the picture. A marvellous and majestic affair if ever there was one.

This run of single releases looks to be a music collector’s dream, six short, sharp and shockingly cool slices of intelligent pop for the discerning listener to snap up, wolf down and sonically digest. No one is going hungry this summer!