Tonara, the innovative music technology company that reaches professional artists with the world’s first interactive sheet music app – and touches students and teachers with Wolfie, its revolutionary and rapidly-growing music education platform, today announced an important partnership with Schott Music GmbH & Company.

Schott, the revered publishers of classical scores founded in 1770 and remains in family hands today, will make hundreds of piano solo titles available to Wolfie’s catalog by the end of 2014. Hundreds more – spanning composers from Bach and Handel to Mahler and Debussy, will be added throughout 2015. This will add significant depth to Wolfie’s current catalog, which numbers more than 1,000 classical masterpieces, providing an unmatched resource.

Tonara created Wolfie out of a belief that the best way to inspire young people to stay engaged with piano practice, is by leveraging the very same technology that is pulling them away from it. Simply put, Wolfie makes practice interactive and playful.

Wolfie does more than simply digitize scores; it transforms them into engaging experiences. The Wolfie platform offers a “magic cursor” that tracks a student’s playing; the ability to watch YouTube performances synched to the app; the opportunity for students and teachers to play, record, and share passages – and so much more.

“We are honored to be adding so much of Schott’s valuable sheet music library to Wolfie,” said Guy Bauman, Chief Executive Officer of Tonara. “Schott shares our mission to encourage the next generation to derive joy from playing the piano, and who will enter a lifetime of classical music appreciation. We are both committed to helping music teachers inspire students around the world by making the widest possible range of musical selections available for practice, education and performance.”

Using proprietary interactive technology, Wolfie’s intelligent page turning feature tracks a student’s current position in the score regardless of tempo changes and mistakes. By following a student and, adjusting to every detail in real time, score-reading becomes more natural and more intuitive than ever before. Wolfie’s versatility in analyzing, annotating, recording and playback is an invaluable tool for learning and teaching.

“Performers, teachers and students deserve the most innovative solutions for playing and practicing their craft,” said Ron Regev, Tonara’s Chief Music Officer and Chairman of the Keyboard Department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. “We believe that by combining the precious legacy that we have been left, with the best of today’s technology, we can create the best conditions for assuring the future of classical music.”

About Tonara
Tonara launched in 2011 with an industry-first interactive digital music sheet app for the iPad that has been embraced by performers on stage as well as by amateur players. Tonara is a music technology company developed by musicians for all those who love music. With a mission to broaden access and be a catalyst for lifelong learning, at all levels, Tonara is leading the transition of sheet music into the digital age by making it accessible and interactive. Tonara’s technology is also paving the way for a wide range of new applications for digitized music including its premier music education platform Wolfie. For more information about Tonara visit; for Wolfie visit