This week the iAssist Company launched the Communicator app, designed to meet the needs of individuals with severe cognitive and communication challenges. Currently there are two million individuals with autism in the US, and up to 40% of those individuals will not acquire natural language during their lifetime. Although there are many apps designed for young children with autism, the Communicator is the very first app designed specifically to meet the needs of teens and adults.

“There is a rising demand for products and services for teens and adults with autism. In my experience, appropriate supports can make the difference in quality of life for both the individual with autism and their families.” states Jeff Schaetzle. “As a clinician, this has been a huge frustration. I am grateful to iAssist for focusing on this underserved and vulnerable population. Their efforts may open the door for many to more independent lives in their homes, the workplace and in their communities.”

Wendy Bellack, the parent of an adult male with autism, says “After the completion of high school, it became very difficult to find options for my son. It’s no surprise that the first app for teens and adults was designed by a parent who faced the same challenges as I did.”

The Communicator is
•Affordable, costing 80% less than the current market leader
•Features a sleek, mature design, which eliminates the stigma, associated with the adult use of apps designed for young children.
•Uses actual photos rather than abstract drawing making it more appropriate for those with classic autism.
•Provides training videos, additional quality photos and other support material on the iAssist website.
•Is available for download at the Apple App Store

About iAssist:
The iAssist Company is a social enterprise dedicated to developing products and services for teens and adults with autism and other cognitive and communication challenges. The company’s mission is to provide a system of supports that enables them to exercise their unique thoughts and desires so that they can experience the same quality of life as their typically developing peers.

Media Contact:
Dr Cyndy Hayes
The iAssist Company