Albert Kass has today released his new album titled ‘Young Old Man’. While aspiring to by indie and folk is evident throughout ‘Young Old Man’, the real quality of the album comes from the diversity within each track and that flow that goes from track to track.

Mindful of his roots while spreading his wings, Albert takes on the task of making an interesting album while adhering to the heart and soul of the matter and subjects at hand.

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About Albert Kass & ‘Young Old Man’

Sensational indie folk artist Albert Kass has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, Young Old Man, an album that takes listeners on an emotional journey through the depths of life, while also inspiring them to embrace the present moment. With a unique blend of soft vocals, compelling melodies, and airy acoustic guitar riffs, Kass showcases his exceptional artistry and storytelling abilities. Young Old Man is available to stream and download worldwide.

Young Old Man features a collection of heartfelt tracks that resonate with authenticity and introspection. One of the standout songs, “Same Lie,” combines moving melodies and subtle percussion to add an edge to the vulnerable narrative about personal responsibilities. Building upon the success of his previous singles, this track perfectly sets the tone for the album’s exploration of life’s truths. Kass, known for his ability to create raw and haunting melodies, delivers yet another powerful track with “The Void.” Drawing inspiration from a compelling guitar riff, Kass fearlessly delves into the realms of denial and the importance of allowing things to run their course in due time. Further exploring themes of vulnerability and human connection, Kass offers the hauntingly beautiful single, “Downward.”

From the perspective of an observer witnessing a loved one’s struggles, this poignant track poetically narrates the torment and ultimate surrender experienced when witnessing someone close reach their lowest point, particularly within the grip of addiction. Concluding the album is “Formidable (For Me Dabla),” a buoyant melody designed to elicit a state of blissful contentment. Kass’s soothing, raspy vocals effortlessly blend with the song’s relaxed and mellow atmosphere. Rooted in tranquility, this track instills a profound sense of harmony, leaving listeners with a delightful and uplifting experience. Young Old Man was produced by Grammy-award-winning producer Billy Mohler (The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Lady Gaga, The Airborne Toxic Event). His music has been touted by American Songwriter, Grimy Goods, and V13, who exclusively premiered the album ahead of its release.

At a young age, Albert Kass formed a profound emotional connection with music, discovering a powerful avenue for expressing his boundless creativity. Intrigued by the haunting allure of somber classical melodies, which his sister skillfully played on the piano, Kass felt compelled to explore his own original compositions. While singing was never his initial intention, it naturally emerged as an organic part of his artistic evolution. Influenced by a diverse range of musicians, including The National, The Black Keys, Neil Young, and Alabama Shakes, Kass has crafted a distinctive musical style that harmoniously weaves together elements from the indie, folk, and alternative music scene.