Alexis Castrogiovanni has today released her new track titled ‘Ex Girl’ from her upcoming EP ‘Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains’, dropping September 21st.

Beautifully angst and ridden with compassion, ‘Ex Girl’ is a dark showcase for what to expect from a mega-talent like Alexis Castrogiovanni. Clearly a talent all her own and an artist who has definitely found her sound, Alexis takes the cello and redefines the instrument into a signature sound within the independent musical genre.

Alexis Castrogiovanni is someone to watch. And listen.

About Alexis Castrogiovanni

Alexis Castrogiovanni’s pared-down, emotional musical landscapes employ genres from classical and folk to trip-hop and punk. Trained as a cellist, a lifetime of conservatory training emboldened her to interweave the expected with the unexpected, the structural with the improvisatory, inhabiting the limbo between singer-songwriter and classical musician. In her music, you can hear echoes of saxophonist Colin Stetson, with her voice and writing sitting in comfortable companionship with singer-songwriters like Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, and Mitski—other classically trained musicians who dare to subvert genre.

Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains is an EP reflecting on the four years of musical exploration that followed the end of Alexis’ formal classical training. In this time, Alexis taught herself songwriting, nurturing a long-held love of poetry that had few outlets in her cello studies. Her lyrics are part poetry, part self-philosophy, as she gives a window into her searches for meaning, and slowly learning to love.

As her debut EP, Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains features some of the industry’s premier audio talents: Polaris Prize winner Jon Kaspy (Jeremy Dutcher) as recording engineer, with mixing by Grammy winner Mark Lawson, and Mastering by Harris Newman (Wolf Parade, A Silver Mt. Zion). The music video for the title track, Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains, was directed by Millefiore Clarkes (National Film Board of Canada).

Alexis Castrogiovanni will release her first EP, entitled Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains, on September 21 on all streaming platforms.

Featured image by Mariam Waliji.