1. The Time Stream The Legendary Ten Seconds 3:52

The Legendary Ten Seconds was founded by prolific songwriter Ian Churchward. Ian worked with various musicians performing as The Legendary 10 Seconds on the Wonderclock, Good Fortune, Woeful Wonders and Podtastic albums.

Then one day he felt the need (for some weird reason) to request Lord Z whom Ian had known for his keyboard skills with the infamous local Torquay band Strange Red Earth and production work with The Prophets of Zarquon

Ian was pleased with the Lords input on the keyboards and mixing of the songs. and asked him if he would be interested in producing a Richard III concept album.

Lord Z said; “I thought for a few seconds and then he knew it would be a….Mellotron opportunity :-)…so I agreed to play keyboards, mix and produce the new album called Loyaulté me Lie (Loyalty Binds Me)”.

On a sugestion of Lord Z, Ian agreed to bring in Robert Stroud on lead guitar. Rob is a well respected local musician who has played with the likes of Screaming Lord Sutch! and is the versatile lead guitarist of The Prophets of Zarquon.

After many favourable reviews Loyaulte Me Lie” was deemed a success. This led to the Lord being asked to work again on the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth of the Richard III albums!!!!!!

Lord Z involvement with The Legendary Ten Seconds has continued with their other non Richard III related albums. The rest as they say is History!

Ian Rob and Lord Z have played as The Legendary Ten Seconds on the Richard III related gigs throughout the years.

SOURCE: Official Bio