Ali Comerford has today released her new single titled ‘Cool Girl’. that frigid life lesson we all learn when we continue to cross the line between what’s tight and what’s right, Ali shows us with a brilliantly encapsulating song that fuses old school acoustic instrumentation with modern pop flair in a subtle yet memorable way.

What I get from the track is that it is better to listen to yourself than to blindly go with the crowd. Follow your own heart because only we know what is best for us, in the end.

Consider ‘Cool Girl’ the new anthem for that.

About Ali Comerford

Classically trained violinist, violist and songwriter from Kilkenny, Ali Comerford releases her new song ‘Cool Girl’ Sept 29th. A unique and original mix of classical performance techniques mixed with pop production and melody, gives Ali Comerford a unique space in the Irish music scene.

Cool Girl is just an acknowledgement that it’s time to stop playing along with what’s not good for you and to commit to what’s best for you.

About the song Comerford says “Cool Girl is a song about being tired of trying to please people. I grew up afraid to upset anyone and just wanting everyone to be happy with me but I think the older I get the more comfortable I am with the idea that you’re not going to please everyone, you just have to do your best. The song also looks at lines that are used to placate people when really they are condescending, the “it’s not you it’s me” trope and how in 2022 maybe it’s time to retire that. If someone really thinks they are not worthy of you then maybe they shouldn’t chase after you to begin with.”

“I really wanted to make my strings the feature of this song. Playing violin and viola is such a big
part of who I am as a musician. I came into the studio with a full score and recorded nearly 150
channels of strings before I put down any vocals. This is also my first time letting others have an
input into my music and it was such a magical experience. Producing this song with Shane
Tobler and Sean Montgomery Dietz was unforgettable. We used found sounds from around the
studio to create most of the beat, it opened up my eyes to so many new possibilities and I’m
grateful to both of them for it.”

Having spent 12 years abroad studying music in both London and New York, Ali then traveled the world as a freelance musician playing some of the biggest venues including New York’s Carnegie Hall, London’s Royal Albert Hall and Dublin’s National Concert Hall. In 2020 she returned home to Kilkenny to focus on songwriting and released her debut album Knots in 2021 to critical acclaim.

Her debut single He Knows was placed on the RTE Recommends list while her album has received continuous airplay on radio across Ireland and the UK including RTE 1 and BBC Ulster.

She was named by Hotpress magazine as one to watch for 2022.

This song was recorded and mixed in Crossroads Studios Kilkenny and mastered by Richard Dowling in Limerick. It was produced by Ali Comerford, Shane Tobler and Sean Montgomery Dietz.

Featured image by Kevin W. Condon.