La Femme has today released their new single titled ‘Y tu Te Vas’, from their upcoming album ‘Teatro Lucido’, dropping November 4th.

La Femme proves the music is universal and the meaning is limitless with a solid and bumping track that highlights each member of the band and culminates into something as memorable as it is beautiful.

A slow burn to seep into your heart via your ears that really shows the staying power of a band that have solidly announced their arrival onto the scene with everything they do. This is signature.

About La Femme

Today, the French indie rock band La Femme, who Pitchfork have called “perhaps the biggest rock band in France right now”, have released a new single “Y tu Te Vas”. This track is the second single from their new studio album, Teatro Lucido, which is sung entirely in Spanish. Featuring the vocalist and songwriter Tatiana Hazel, “Y tu te vas” is led by flamenco inspired guitars and a reggaeton-pop beat in the vein of current artists like Rosaliá. This single and the album as a whole shows the group continuing to push the psych pop sound they are most known for to exciting new places, inspired by their trips to Latin America and Spain. Teatro Lucido will be released on November 4, 2022.

The release of “Y tu te vas” follows Teatro Lucido lead single “Sacatela,” which was paired with a very classy and pastel colored music video shot in Nice, South-West of France, that features many members of the band. The video for “Sacatela” was directed by french director Ilan Zerrouki and is about unacknowledged desires and unpursued dreams also called ‘Sacatelism.’ The music videos of La Femme not only show off the band’s sense of style and fashion but also their eccentric humor, most obvious in the band’s delirious and campy full length film for their 2021 album Paradigmes. “Sacatela” has been played all summer long on radio stations across the US, Mexico and France and is already a streaming success for the band.

Fresh off of their sold-out US tour, the band have announced additional tour dates in France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, and the USA at III Points Fesitval in Miami & Levitation festival in Austin.La Femme already holds 2 gold records in France and a Victoire de la Musique, as well as dozens of tours internationally, notably in the US, Mexico, Asia and Europe. They are among the few French artists that succeeded abroad while singing in french.

During their time touring in Latin America and Spain, La Femme wrote a Spanish song called “Le Jardin” for their previous album Paradigmes. This track led them down the path toward creating Teatro Lucido, their first full album sung entirely in Spanish. Similar to their previous albums, La Femme wrote, composed, and produced Teatro Lucido themselves, inviting numerous female singers to participate in the process. The album found birth through their adventures in Seville, Grenade, Madrid, Mexico City, Cuautepec, Padul… where they had so many moments of laughs and joys, tears and disappointment.

Teatro Lucido draws from many of La Femme’s inspirations including the famous Semana Santa in Spain; pasodoble, reggaeton, Brasilian, and Andalusian rythms; classical guitars, and Movida of the 80’s.

Teatro Lucido is the name of a mythic theatre where La Femme has played many times in Mexico. It is the first album from a thematic series they have planned called “Collection Odyssée.”

Featured image by JD Fanello.