Allman Brown has released his new EP titled ‘Second Son, Part 1’, as well as his latest single ‘Your Nature’. ‘Your Nature’ is the perfect type of single for an album like this. The songwriting is second to none and it perfectly showcases what the rest of the album is while not being anything other than a good pop/rock song.

Allman Brown definitely has his own style and way about him, musically, but he mixes some of his influences without making them so obvious. There is obviously pop in each song, but you hear it from a purely songwriting perspective, and that means a lot in this day and age of assembly line ‘hits’.

But what you will most likely take away from this EP is that sense to long for what is next. Of course there will be a part 2, but you want more of this artist. You want to listen to where he is musically headed. Captivating, maybe?

About Allman Brown

Coinciding with the new music, Allman Brown has also announced a residency of monthly shows at London’s legendary Green Note venue. With tickets selling like hot cakes, shows in January and February are already SOLD OUT, with remaining tickets for the March date available here.

New single, “Your Nature”, is an intimate love song that beautifully encapsulates the essence of a lazy summer afternoon and the wordless, blissful feeling of being in someone’s presence. It delves into the connection with the natural world and how, at times, we can feel seamlessly connected to the elements that surround us. Allman Brown offers insights into the creation of this special song:

“I had half of “Your Nature” rolling around in my head for a long time, and the talented Emily Hackett was the one who helped me finish it. Together, we solidified the song’s themes, elevating it from a simple observation into something grander — a reflection on the bond we share with the natural world and the profound joy that comes from nurturing that connection.”

While initially envisioning “Your Nature” as a very acoustic, soft duet with male and female vocals, Allman Brown found that the song’s potential expanded in the studio. The beauty of this track lies in its ability to embrace both the delicate and the grand, offering listeners a multifaceted sonic experience.

Part of a new five-track collection, ‘Second Son Part I’, Brown’s new EP sheds light on a deeply personal chapter in Allman Brown’s musical journey. Exploring themes of love, loss, self-reflection, and the human experience; the EP invites listeners to embark on a profound emotional journey with the artist, who aims to strip his songs to their essence and embrace vulnerability and authenticity.

Mixed by Peter Katis, the songs of the new EP are said to have been recorded in just ten days, and see Allman joined by pianist Thomas Bartlett (The Gloaming, Taylor Swift, The National) and vocalist Kori Gardner-Hammel (Mates Of State).

Describing his creative process, Brown shares: “I wanted to create a space where honesty could thrive, where I could be as honest as possible with myself and my audience.”

The EP also signifies Allman Brown’s desire to break free from the confines of the “singer-songwriter” label. In ‘Second Son Part I,’ he skillfully experiments with new sounds, merging his signature acoustic guitar-driven melodies with modern pop elements such as synths, live bass, electronic pianos, electronic percussion, and live drums. The full tracklisting is as follows:

Allman Brown, born in Hong Kong and now based in London, has consistently wowed listeners with his emotionally charged and introspective music. His 2013 hit single, “Sons & Daughters” (performed with Liz Lawrence), became a Spotify sensation with over 20 million streams worldwide and was featured on popular TV soundtracks. His debut album, ‘1000 Years,’ in 2017, and ‘Darling, It’ll Be Alright’ in 2019, received critical acclaim for their tender balladry and folk-infused pop.