Rainbow Girls have released their new album titled ‘Welcome To Whatever’, crowdfunded by it’s loyal fanbase. I say that last part because, well, Rainbow Girls love their fans. The proof is, not only did they get an album and not merely an EP, but they got an album full of good and memorable songs!

‘Compassion to the Nth Degree’ opens the album with the type of song that becomes a soundtrack to a future memory. A good one at that. Beautifully constructed and lovingly recorded, these are artists that love what they do. Overall, the guitars really stand in my mind. Being a guitarist myself, it is a near impossible feat for a song, much less an album, to get me to go all the way across this room and grab a guitar off the wall and play along. These are genuine riffs overlayed pristine and varied tracks.

It’s refreshing to see real music still being made, not just for the fans, but with them as well.

About Rainbow Girls & ‘Welcome to Whatever’

Crowdfunded by the group’s devoted fanbase, the band says Welcome To Whatever feels to them like a sort of self titled album, rich with the soothing tenderness, honesty and political spirit inherent within their band.

Rainbow Girls are also named December’s Spotlight Artist at No Depression today, with an insightful interview with the band out now. The band dives into the stories behind their new songs, as well as the experience of making this new work, crowdfunding, and the importance of community. You can read the whole feature HERE.

Welcome To Whatever was preceded by the singles “City Slickers,” “No Limits,” and “Compassion to the Nth Degree.” “City Slickers” is a nostalgic rocker about the places you’ve known and loved changing. The band says it’s an ode to San Francisco, but that the city they love is still in there: “It feels like there is a loss of personality and a truly sad loss of inclusivity, but every once in a while the city itself will still shine through.” On “No Limits,” Rainbow Girls are joined by members of Bay Area retro-soul band, The California Honeydrops to bring some extra color to the tune. “Compassion to the Nth Degree” is a politically charged kiss off, which NPR dubbed “a Sour Patch Kids candy of a song.”