Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc has today released his cover of No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak’, the latest single from his forthcoming covers project ‘Rock My Soul Volume 1’, out this Friday. Rock My Soul is a two-part EP series that finds Blacc covering iconic 90s alternative songs with his signature soulful twist.

Half a billion Spotify listeners can’t be wrong when they make Aloe’s music their own. Now he returns the favor, so to speak, by taking another set of genres from a different era (having grown up in the 90s’, calling it ‘another era’ makes me feel, well, nevermind), he shows that different side of him with another re-envisioning of a classic that, I think, most people younger than 30 may think is an Aloe original.

But, beside that, it’s a sheer thrill and joy to hear Aloe take his unique brand and blend of music and pay it forward by looking back to when music mattered, and making it matter again in his own way.

About Aloe Blacc

All Love Everything, his new album, is the singer-songwriter’s first collection of material written as a father, a journey that’s expanded Blacc’s already heartfelt artistic palette. “Becoming a father made me want to share those experiences in music,” he says, admitting it’s a challenge to translate such a powerful thing into lyrics and melody.

“Rather than a genre, my music follows a theme I call A.I.M.: affirmation, inspiration, and motivation,” he explains. Beloved hits like “I Need a Dollar,” “The Man,” and “Wake Me Up,” with Avicii, may not fall under the same musical umbrella, but they’re united by how they make the listener feel. That’s Blacc’s wheelhouse, the place where he excels. “After so many opportunities to talk about my music and not feel comfortable saying, ‘I’m a pop artist’ or ‘I’m a folk artist,’ I had this realization. My songwriting genre is thematic.”

All Love Everything is a generous addition to the A.I.M. catalog. It fulfills Blacc’s ambition to express the richness of familial love on songs like “Glory Days” and “Family,” while also making room for anthems about perseverance and support like “My Way” and “Corner.” Working with producers Jonas Jeberg, Jugglerz, Jon Levine, and Matt Prime, Blacc has crafted his most open-hearted album to date. Generous and warm, All Love Everything draws on soul, folk, and contemporary pop, reminding listeners that there’s no pigeonholing the human experience.

Featured image by Zach Bell.