Beauty In Chaos has today released their new video for the single titled ‘Diving For Pearls’ featuring Wayne and Cinthya Hussey, from the upcoming album ‘Dancing With Angels’, dropping July 24th via 33.3 Music Collective.

Visually immersed in a sea of serenity with a style that shows the beauty in the chaos, Beauty In Chaos continue the magic of finding the right people for the right music with Wayne and Cinthya Hussey adding their signatures to an already signature sound. Beautifully shot and masterfully edited with a love for the craft and eye for the style, the video adds a storyful enhancement to a subtle summer anthem while adding anticipation for a new album that continues the book of chaos.

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What is the concept behind both the song ‘Diving For Pearls’ as well as the video?

I had discovered an alternative tuning and the music just sort of ‘happened’ from there. It really doesn’t become a ’song’ until I find the right singer for the transformation. When the music to what became ‘diving for pearls’ came together, I could hear in my head what I thought Wayne would do. As with writing previous songs with Wayne, he usually starts by saying he has no ‘words’ …. but then proceeds to write something amazing. Like most great lyrics, they are a bit open-ended, allowing the listener to find their own meaning to the song.

Having Cinthya add her beautiful voice to the song was an amazing addition and really completed the arrangement. It is a true blessing to have them both return to BIC on this single. We had Tim Palmer work his magic on this ’single mix’ … giving it his signature sheen and polish. I am really happy that 33.3 Music Collective opted to release this as a Limited Edition CD-Single too!

As for the video, I honestly didn’t think it would happen and was almost resigned to releasing the single without an accompanying visual element. As luck would have it, The Mission decided to add a secret Los Angeles ‘Blood Brothers’ show to start their West Coast tour … and would be doing two days of rehearsal here. Wayne kindly offered to fly in a day early to shoot a video. With time as an enemy, and Cinthya not accompanying Wayne here, an in-depth story line was not possible, and probably not right for the song anyway. I looked back at some of the cool projections we utilized in our “Look Up” and “Un-Natural Disaster” videos… and went in that direction.

We again teamed with Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films to make this shoot happen. I found a little psych-wall studio near SaintInLA, grabbed a few cheap props (string of pearls, plastic chain, etc) and found some nice projection art …. Then just went in and had some fun! I must say the crew was not at all happy with me when I brought out the colored smoke bombs! The remaining piece to the video puzzle was how to incorporate Cinthya into the video from 6000 miles away. Thankfully in the 11th hour, she was able to film herself and send over her parts, and Industrialism Films editor, Ryan Conlon, was able to intertwine her beautiful parts into the video.

You describe the new album as a ‘progression from Behind the Veil and a regression to Finding Beauty in Chaos’, how is that stylistically and where do you feel BIC is musically right now?

To be clear, I don’t use ‘regression’ in a derogatory way. I still absolutely love our debut album. I mean there will be some of the heavier DarkWave/GothGaze (I think we should trademark this phrase!!) elements found on ‘FBIC’ , along with some of the dreaminess from ‘Behind The Veil’. In the end, I think our BIC Family will find “Dancing With Angels” a cohesive sonic journey. There was a lot of heart and soul involved into making this album. From the inspirational cover art and title to the song order …. It’s all important to me when we create an album. I feel really blessed that some of our BIC Family notice these things, too.

What are ‘Halos’ and what is the idea behind them?

‘HALO’s are musical interludes that will sonically link the songs together on the CD version of ‘Dancing With Angels”. This is something I wanted to do on our debut release, but couldn’t because ‘Finding Beauty In Chaos’ ended up being 14 songs. We had no ‘rules’ in composing the HALOs, and each is a very unique mini-sonic journey.

‘Diving For Pearls’ seams like a bigger leap than what I’ve seen with BIC both musically and stylistically. Where do you see your musical direction and headspace at this moment?

I don’t think in terms any preconceptions or limitations on the ’style’ of BIC’s music. I know our choice of singer on a given piece of music can sometimes make it easier for the listener (or journalist) to put a ‘label’ on a particular song. To me, “Diving For Pearls” could sit nicely on the white album of ‘FBIC’ or on ‘Behind The Veil’ (well, if we muted Wayne’s vocals!). Like most of the songs on the upcoming album, I purposely started from an unfamiliar spark… an alternate tuning, a new array of effects pedals or even a capo at a random position. Something to break the familiar.

If memory serves me correct, what became “Diving For Pearls’ started with my guitar tuned D/A/E/A/C#/E. I think the maestro that is Michael Rozon told me that it made the chords a Major-7th for those playing along at home! I also doubled some of the guitar lines with my Schecter Hellcat Bass-VI. While there are indeed some sampled strings on this track, a majority of the textures are coaxed from the guitar. Rozon and my goal is to create an inspirational bed of music that will inspire the singer to take it someplace special. I think Wayne and Cinthya did just that with this one.

Where do you see BIC a year from now and where do you see the project going?

A year??!!! I certainly do plan, but trying not to plan that far in advance! We do have at least three (3) more videos planned from this album. And what has become our per-usual, we will follow up ‘Dancing With Angels’ with a re-envision release before year’s end. I not only have a name in mind, but we have also lined up a lot of artists to hand the tracks over to … giving them free rein. So that covers the next six months!

About ‘Diving For Pearls’

‘Diving For Pearls’, featuring The Mission’s Wayne Hussey and his wife and Archeometre partner, Cinthya Hussey, is the new single from the revolving evolving sonic entity that is Beauty In Chaos. BIC was formed in 2018 by guitarist Michael Ciravolo, and this latest song and accompanying video will be featured on their upcoming full-length album “Dancing With Angels” set for world-wide release on July 24. As BIC’s curator, Ciravolo describes the new track as “a torrid earworm of a song with lots of swirling layers”.

This ‘single version’ was mixed by the legendary Tim Palmer, who’s mixing and production credits include U2, The Cure, David Bowie, Robert Plant, HIM, and The Mission. “I have been fortunate once again to mix BIC’s latest offering and it’s a beauty!” says Palmer. “But beware, you can’t just hear it once as it will stay with you all day.”

The Mission’s main-man Wayne Hussey returns to front his forth song with BIC, one that Ciravolo feels “may just be the best we’ve written together”, despite Hussey’s bout with writer’s block while searching for the perfect approach to the new song. “When Michael first sent me the music track I was on tour with The Mission. I had a few listens and thought, yes, this is good, I can find something to sing to this easy enough. And then nothing,” recalls Hussey. “For months I’d listen, and I would come up with melodies aplenty, but no words. More time passed and Michael would ask how I was getting on and each time I’d reply, ‘I’ve got vocal melodies but no lyrics, absolutely nothing is coming’. I must confess that I was getting worried that I’d never be able to write another song – ever.

I was raking over all my old lyric notebooks and various word documents on old hard drives and still nada. I was bemoaning my situation to Cinthya one evening and she suggested I write about a personal situation I’d found myself in a few years back. I got my mind focused in the right direction, and while in the studio singing along to the track, I soon got the first line, with the rest following fairly easily…and quickly. It was a huge relief to have the elusive muse visit me again. I played it to Cin and she suggested a couple of small changes and voila, here you have it! I won’t explain what or who the song is about, there’s no need for that, I’ll just leave the listener to make up their own mind, and take from it what they will”

Ciravolo scoffs affectionately at Hussey’s recollection, “I think he has told me that every time I have sent him music! He cries wolf of ‘no words’, yet he proceeds to one-up our preceding song … which was damn good in my slightly biased opinion. The man is a genuine poet!”

Cinthya Hussey adds “When I first heard the instrumental track for this song I immediately fell in love with Michael’s guitars. It’s the kind of song that embraces you… and I could listen to it all day long. Wayne was a bit stuck for ideas so I threw an idea at him that was relevant and would be good to get out of his system… And off he went… majestically so! This is probably one of my favourite Beauty In Chaos songs!”

When pressed about the upcoming album, “Dancing With Angels”, Ciravolo was selective in what he was willing to share, preferring to retain some ‘mystery’. He did divulge that several BIC alumni will return, along with some new members of the growing ‘BIC Family”, while offering an open-ended description of the new album. “It’s sort of a sonic progression from ‘Behind The Veil’”, said Ciravolo, “with a bit of ‘natural regression’ to our debut release ‘finding beauty in chaos’.”

Song Credits

Words by Wayne Hussey
Music by Michael Ciravolo and Michael Rozon
C2024 Beauty In Chaos Music (ASCAP)

Wayne Hussey – voices
Cinthya Hussey – voices
Michael Ciravolo – guitars, bass-VI and textures
Michael Rozon – bass and synth
Dirk Doucette – drums and percussion
Tim Palmer – additional textures

Mixed by Tim Palmer
Recorded by Michael Rozon at SAINTinLA
Additional recording by Wayne Hussey
Mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound

Video Credits

Wayne Hussey – voice
Cinthya Hussey – voice
Michael Ciravolo – guitar
Tish Ciravolo – bass
Dirk Doucette – drums

Filmed and Directed by Vicente Cordero (Industrialism Films)
Edited by Ryan Conlon
Filmed on location at CypherBlu

Featured image by Kevin Estrada.