Alxndr’s Latest Track “FBA (Did You Dirty)” Explores the Unsettling World of Hypersexualization.

Award winning artist Alxndr, has just released the latest track from his much anticipated debut EP, “Degenerate.” Titled “FBA (Did You Dirty),” this thought-provoking song dives deep into the disconcerting modern phenomenon of hypersexualization.

In a world where love often gets entangled with sex, “FBA (Did You Dirty)” shines a spotlight on the prevalent culture where genuine emotions are exploited for physical pleasure. It takes a critical look at how technology has influenced our evolving nature, leading to a society where the line between love and lust is increasingly blurred. This track explores the consequences of using others for personal gain, a behaviour that, though rooted in human nature, can have profound and lasting effects on our relationships.

“FBA (Did You Dirty)” is a poignant reflection on the dynamics of modern relationships, where one side seeks only physical gratification while the other settles due to perceived scarcity. Alxndr’s lyrics and music serve as a compelling portrayal of the cyclic reality that many individuals find themselves trapped within.

Alxndr’s musical journey began at the tender age of 9. He’s had the privilege of sharing the stage with renowned bands such as Buckcherry, Bon Jovi, Mike Shinoda, Blue October.

“Degenerate” is poised to make a significant impact and “FBA (Did You Dirty)” is a powerful testament to Alxndr’s ability to tackle complex themes through his music.

SOURCE: Official Bio